4 Tips for Dental Practice Content Marketing Success

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Patient Attraction Episode 679

Done well, content marketing for your dental practice can bring significant benefits–increased views, media coverage, and mentions by third parties. Done poorly, it can spell disaster. In this podcast, we’ll cover 4 proven tips for boosting your content marketing success rate. I’ll be back with more after the break.

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– If you’re not promoting your marketing content, it might as well not exist.

– But even worse than not promoting your content is promoting it badly. You can do a lot of damage to your public image.

– In this podcast, we’ll talk about 4 proven techniques for boosting your content marketing success rate.

– Here’s Number 1: FOCUS ON QUALITY.

– ALL the content you generate has to be interesting and relevant to prospective dental patients.

– If not, YOU’RE irrelevant.

– And, it has to be presented effectively. Sloppy writing, shoddy graphics, or poor production values are the kiss of death where quality is concerned.

– You won’t be able to sustain quality in your content if you’re updating 24/7. You’ll become irrelevant, turn viewers off, and do damage to your practice’s image.

– Remember: Quality over quantity.


– Trying to be all things to all people almost always brings poor results. It waters down your message and diminishes the perception of the value you offer.

– You want dental patients who are motivated to use your services. Patients who understand the value that you offer in exchange for their investment.

– You want the right kind of patients. Your marketing content, and how you promote it, has to speak strongly to them.

Focus your marketing.

– Number 3: FROM ONE, MANY.

– Each piece of content you produce has multiple possible uses AND multiple marketing channels.

– For instance, you might create a white paper on a particular technique or innovation. Think outside the profession, and you can turn that into an interesting infographic on your Facebook page.

– Depending on your target audience of patients, you might also consider SnapChat, Twitter, or the other social media channels.

Each marketing piece has legs. Let it cover more ground for you.


– If you own the content, you should pitch it to the media.

– Hitting exactly the right note in your media pitches will really boost your results.

– In fact, without a carefully crafted pitch, yours could wind up in the spam folder.

– Get pitch-perfect: make your pitches clear and concise, and direct them to key media contacts.

– Include links to the specific content you’re pitching.

– Follow these guidelines, and you’ll boost your marketing content success rate.

– Even more important, you’ll attract the dental patients you want and need to grow your practice and your profitability.

– Tomorrow’s podcast will discuss call tracking to help attract the dental patients you want.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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