4 Things Dentists Must Know About Dental Video

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Patient Attraction Episode 517

So you’ve decided to make videos for your dental practice. You understand the power of video in building rapport and social proof with prospects. You understand that bad video can hurt you as much as good video can help you. You understand that in 2015 prospects EXPECT to see video from you. Now what. I’ll tell you using this very podcasts as an example when we return.

– Welcome to another Sunday edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– At my company, SmartBox Web Marketing, we have produced thousands of videos for our clients, and hundreds for ourselves.

– That includes this daily podcast.

– If you are thinking about producing videos for your office, let me tell you one thing: you can’t just stand in front of the camera and wing it, and come away with a finished video in one take.

– Going off the cuff works great if you are doing patient testimonials.

– That way they are candid and authentic.

– You, on the other hand, need to look polished and thoughtful.

– With that in mind, I’m going to give you 4 things you must do to produce polished video.

– Let’s get started:

  1. You must have a script for the words.

– This is where you write out your ideas in a way that sounds good when you say them.

– Whether you follow a Problem-Agitate-Solution formula, Attention-Interest-Decision-Action formula, or no formula, you need to think through what you say BEFORE the camera is on.

– This is also where you will decide if you are going with first-person narrative, voiceovers, or both.

  1. You must have a storyboard for the visuals.

– Unless you are doing a one camera, one shot video, you must decide what scenes to shoot and how to shoot them.

– Professionals plan this out ahead of time rather than scrambling to get them at the end.

  1. You must execute the video and sound excellently.

– Only so much can be done to correct dark video and cluttered sound in post-production.

– The saying “garbage in, garbage out” certainly applies to shooting quality videos.

– If you are not skilled at setting up video and audio, I STRONGLY recommend you hire someone who is to do this part for you.

– The same goes for our next part:

  1. Post-production.

– This is where the video comes together.

– The video is color corrected and sharpened.

– The sound is made crisp, and the two are linked together.

– This also is where the scenes are cut and pasted together, giving you a visually interesting video.

– Additional sounds, such as music or voiceovers, may be added to help move the video along.

– If you’ll pay attention to these 4 parts, you’ll have professional quality and effective dental videos.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.