4 Simple Secrets to Great Dental Press Releases

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Patient Attraction Episode 385

Hi, Colin here and welcome to another week of the Patient Attraction Podcast. Among our clients, few things get as many questions and as much consternation as press releases. When we come back, I’m going to tell you four things you can do to expand the reach of your press release. Stay tuned.

– So a press release from a marketing standpoint is different from that in public relations.

– In public relations, the goal is to get a news, or press, organization to write about you.

– This is a high risk/high reward endeavor.

– Getting a story in even a local publication can do wonders for your visibility, not to mention the SEO value of being on a news organization’s website.

– But the likelihood is low of getting a news article about redecorating your waiting room or hiring a new insurance coordinator (though that’s exactly what happened for our client Russell Kirk recently).

– That’s why trying to get press from press releases is high risk/high reward.

– For marketing, press releases are a way to boost your SEO value and expertise.

– For instance, we put all our clients’ press releases on a page on their website.

– That way the copy is crawled by Google spiders and searchable by prospects.

– And we put it on the website before sending it out so that the doctor’s website is the source of the material and gets all the SEO value.

– But I want to give you four more ways to stretch the value of that marketing press release.

  1. The first is to use it as a public relations press release.

– This way you mitigate all the risk and only reap the reward.

– If a news outlet does not pick it up, you are still getting the value from having it on your website.

– You can do this in a couple of ways:

– One, you can send it directly to your local news organizations.

– This can be the local paper or, if you’re in a bigger market, the local business publication, any niche publications, local radio and local TV.

– Again, this is a low-percentage play in most markets, but every now and then it will pay off.

– Or two, you can use a news service.

– We have used PRWeb and currently use MarketWired.

– These services will distribute your releases across broad networks of online and traditional media.

– Just be aware that they are not cheap and they do not let you post whatever you want.

  1. The next tip is to use your news releases as blog posts.

– You’ll probably have to rewrite them some to fit a different style, so you shouldn’t just copy and paste.

– Rewriting also will help you boost the SEO value of the copy, as duplicate copy is bad.

– If you are blogging on a separate site from your website, you might even link to the news release on your site.

  1. Send your press releases out through your social media channels.

– Most press release distribution networks will do this for you automatically.

– If you are distributing the release yourself, post a link to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds to drive clicks to your site.

  1. Finally, include any news releases in your weekly, monthly or quarterly email and newsletter blasts.

– Don’t assume that your patients or prospects saw your release on your website.

– Following these tips should help you increase the value of your press releases.

– Come back tomorrow when I tell you everything you need to know about what the public thinks of dentistry.

– Until then, keep moving forward.