3 Ways to Leverage Referrals for More Patients

Patient Attraction Episode 171

Colin Receveur here on this hump day, July 16. Today we conclude our series on lifecycle marketing by looking at how you systemically get referrals from your patients. More on that when we return.

– Let me recap our series, and then we’ll start on today’s topic

– We started last week with attract interest. “Look at me.” So, for example, you might offer an Adwords ad for a free report on sleep apnea.

– Then comes capture leads. The potential patient says, “I see you. Here is who I am. Talk to me.” They sign up for your free report on sleep apnea.

– After that you nurture prospects. “Ok, prospect, let’s talk about X.” You send an autoresponder series of emails on sleep apnea and how it can make their life better.

– Then you convert sales. The prospect says, “I like what you have to say. I’m going to set up an appointment.” You sell them the sleep apnea appliance.

– The next stage is deliver and satisfy.

– “Here you go. What can I do so you are completely satisfied?” You make an appliance that cures their sleep apnea, no matter how many times they come back for a better-fitting one.

– Then you upsell customers.  This is where you say, “Since we know each other, maybe you would be interested in Y.” You recommend your sleep apnea patient may consider Invisalign if he is unhappy with his crooked teeth.

– Finally we come to get referrals. This is nothing new in the “pay, stay and refer” world of dentistry.

– I’m going to give you three ways you can leverage referrals to grow your practice.

1. As testimonials. We are big proponents of video at SmartBox Web Marketing.

– You might remember that back in April I did a series of podcasts on ways to use video testimonials.

2. Online patient reviews. We encourage our clients to make it easy for their patients to leave reviews on Google+, Facebook, Yelp and Bing.

3. Word of mouth. These are people who will tell their friends and family, and post on social media about their experience with you.

– But you need to systemize how you get those testimonials.

– You don’t just want to let it happen.

– Encourage patients to let you and others know if they are happy with their results.

– So, that will wrap up our series on lifecycle marketing.

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.



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