3 Ways Social Media Costs Dentists Patients

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Patient Attraction Episode 356

Yesterday, we looked at 5 tips for giving good customer service. Today I want to tell you three ways that bad customer service on social media could be costing dentists patients. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and I hope you remembered to move your clock forward an hour this morning.

– I hate losing that hour of sleep.

– Today, I want to talk about customer service and social media.

– Whether you have a Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account, or even a blog, you probably realize you are going to field some customer service issues on them.

– American Express surveyed Americans about customer service, and here are 3 common complaints about how companies use social media poorly:

  1. Taking too long.

– According to the survey, customers expect a response via social media in 30 minutes to an hour.

– 30 minutes to an hour!

– Are they kidding?

– Unbelievably, they expect a response in even less time via Twitter.

– But the average response time is more like a day on Facebook and half a day on Twitter.

– That seems reasonable to me.

– Problem is, customers are who matter.

– If you are going to have an active social media, you need to be prepared to meet these demands.

  1. Being disrespectful.

– Minimizing someone’s problem is bad.

– Being flippant or sarcastic is bad.

– Apologizing and taking ownership – that’s good.

– Acknowledge that you have received the comment and you are looking into it.

– If you know immediately that you are in the wrong, say that you will get it taken care of.

  1. Passing the buck.

– If someone leaves you a Facebook comment, respond on Facebook.

– Not only do you reach the original poster, you reach others who saw the post.

– If you must move the conversation offline, take the initiative.

– Don’t ask the person to call you.

– Work around their time.

– Why is any of this important?

– Customers who reach out to a business via social media for customer service tell three times as many people about the experience as those who reach customer service using traditional means.

– I hope you’ve enjoyed our weekend series on customer service.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.