3 Ways Dentists Can Stand Out in the Content “Crowd”

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Patient Attraction Episode 753

The problem with content marketing today isn’t that there’s too much content on the Internet. It’s that there’s too much of the wrong content. After the break, I’ll give you some tips on how to create the right kind of dental marketing content. Stay tuned.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– We’ve never seen an information explosion like what’s happening right now on the Internet.

– In the past 24 months, an average of 14.6 million new websites were created every month.

– We’re on content overload.

– But there are still ways that you can reach your audience in spite of the crush of content.

– Here are three tips.

– Tip number 1: Define your content marketing strategy.

– Different social media sites work best for different things.

– Make sure you’re using them appropriately.

– Then define what success with your content marketing strategy will look like.

– That lets you see how you’re doing.

– Tip 2: Create and post more content.

– Sites with more new, fresh content are usually ranked higher by Google.

– Posting something once a month isn’t going to get you noticed and read.

– Neither will reblogs from another source.

– Tip number 3: Stay on point.

– The ultimate goal of ALL your marketing should be to put more dental patients in chairs.

– But there may be secondary goals for your content marketing.

– You should define those and track your progress.

– Successful content marketing is a long-term commitment.

– And when the “rules” change, you have to change with them.

– Keep your eye on the prize – more and better patients – and stay motivated.

– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.