3 Tricks Dentists MUST Know About Content Marketing

Patient Attraction Episode 645

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It’s time to step outside the box and revamp your content marketing. I talk a lot on this podcast about content marketing and developing quality content for your website. When we come back, I’ll address a few ways you can engage more potential patients with great dental content marketing. Stay tuned.

– If you are not looking at ways to constantly grow your dental marketing efforts, there is little chance you will be able to grow your practice.

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO and founder of SmartBox Web Marketing, and today I want to give you 3 clever ways you can revamp your dental content marketing and attract the patients your want to treat.

  1. Use Live Events.

– I speak with doctors every week who have great events like Dentistry From The Heart or special forums for children’s dental health.

– These are great live events, but no one will hear about them if you do nothing to promote them.

– Develop a marketing plan before you announce your event so you can reach more potential patients.

– Smart dentists find ways to use content marketing before, during, and after the event.  

– You can also use tools like social media to connect the live experience and digital experience.

  1. Use Native Advertising.  

– Native advertisements are advertisements embedded in the webpage that match the flow of the page.

– Rather than being banner advertisements, native advertisements are placed naturally in the content.

– Studies show that 25 percent more people see native advertisements compared with banner ads.

– Additionally, about 97 percent of people who purchase items through mobile phones report that native advertising is “very or somewhat effective.”

– Dentists using native advertising can create strong calls to action that draw patients to their office.

– Expect this type of advertising to continue growing this year because it is not nearly as disruptive to the consumer experience as traditional banner ads.

  1. Build Content on Other Websites.

– Look at ways to get your great marketing content on other reputable websites.

– Google loves this.

– When other sites use your links or original content, your website gains crucial SEO.

– If you have other sites picking up your content, track the results to see how your syndicated content is drawing new patients.

–  The biggest thing to remember is that your website should not be your ONLY source of digital marketing content.

– Use these tactics to see how they can help draw you more and better patients.

– Join us again tomorrow to see a special podcast about how your videos may be hurting your website.  

– As always, until then, keep moving forward.


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