3 Tips Dentists Need to Know about SEO in 2016

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Patient Attraction Episode 673

How much should you spend on your marketing? When can you tell if it’s working for you? At what point do you pull the plug on a bad marketing campaign? These are all valid questions, and we return, I’ll have 3 FREE tips on how to manage and adjust your dental marketing efforts to achieve success in the new year.

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– It’s a story as old as digital marketing itself: You pour thousands of dollars into a marketing effort and fail to see results.

– You start to wonder if this whole search-engine optimization thing and digital marketing is worth your time and money.

– Before you give up, let’s look at SEO and its place in your dental practice.   

– Today, I have 3 tips you need to know about your SEO budget and campaigns.

– 1. The truth is that SEO campaigns take time.

– If you’re starting and stopping SEO campaigns or constantly looking for short-term solutions, you are throwing your money away and YOU WILL fall behind your competitors.   

– It’s hard enough for private practices to compete with the corporate dentistry machine, but the last thing you want to do is shoot yourself in the foot by starting and ditching digital-marketing efforts.

– New websites can take months, sometimes even longer than a year, to achieve optimal SEO results.

– Before you go pointing the finger at providers or SEO, be realistic about your marketing goals and the overall timeline.

– 2. SEO should not stand by itself.

– Successful dentists are folding their SEO campaigns into broader marketing efforts.

– You need other services in your SEO strategy, including content, email marketing, and PPC.

– I’ve said this for years, but it’s worth repeating: You can’t rely solely on SEO.

– In fact, you can’t achieve high Google rankings without creating a systems-based marketing approach.

– 3. Look at the market, not just the cost.

– In 2015, small businesses spent between $500 and $1,500 a month on SEO.

– You may be thinking that’s a ton of money, but before making a judgement, consider your market.

– Too often I see dentists scoff at the price of marketing campaigns, despite the fact that they are in highly competitive markets.

– If you want to dethrone the current leader in your market and achieve the highest ranking, you’ll have to make an investment and play the long game.

– There are no quick fixes in this business.

– Our dentists are enjoying more profits and more freedom because we have folded their SEO efforts into various marketing campaigns.

– Join me again tomorrow to see how can become a mind reader for your patients.  

– As always, until then, keep moving forward.


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