3 Things Patients Want From Their Dentist

Patient Attraction Episode 198

Hi, Colin here and TGIF. We have been crazy busy here at SmartBox as more dentists see the value in our industry-leading patient attraction system. But you know what? Those dentists aren’t signing up with me to help me reach my financial goals. They’re not paying me because they like me, either. They have things they want from me, and they pay me because I deliver those things. When we come back, I’m going to tell you what patients want from you and why they’re willing to pay when you deliver.

– Today we are going to talk about one of my pet peeves with dentists.

– It is this belief some dentist seem to have that as soon as they open their doors, patients are going to start scheduling appointments.

– As if these dentists are ENTITLED to patients.

– I will say it again, potential patients don’t care about you.

– They don’t care about helping you get more freedom.

– They don’t care about helping you get more financial stability.

– They don’t care about helping you sell or franchise your practice.

– Those are the things YOU want.

– Here are 3 things PATIENTS want:

1. They want a dentist who solves their problems.

– Not somebody who is using them to solve their problem, which is a lack of enough income.

– We call these “pain points,” and we emphasize them on all of our clients’ websites.

– We talk right to the patientabout his or her problems and how our clients can deliver solutions.

2. They want a dentist who will prescribe the best clinical solutions.

– Not somebody trying to upsell additional products.

– If you remember our series a couple of weeks ago, dentists prescribing treatments patients didn’t need was the number one complaint among patients who gave negative Yelp reviews.

– We’ll talk in a later podcast about ways to deliver treatment options that garner trust and loyalty.

3. They want a dentist who gives them time to consider their options, which can be a pretty big expense and an even bigger life event.

– Not someone who will pressure them with limited-time and decide-now-or-it-goes-away offers.

– I make it a practice never to succumb to thatkind of sales pressure, and I tell salespeople that right upfront.

– If you can give me that 15 percent discount today, you can give it to me when I call you next week.

– It is unfair to tell someone they need major dental reconstruction, teeth pulled, surgery, etc., and then ask them to make a snap judgment on whether they want it.

– Andthat’s to say nothing of spending 10, 15 or 20 thousand dollars.

– Sure, every sales method tells you that you lose a big percentage of customers if they walk out the door without buying or committing to buy.

– But you’ll get more case acceptance and less buyer’s remorse (and fewer Yelp complaints) if you don’t pressure patients into buying.

– Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for that 10, 15 or 20 thousand dollars.

– Until then, keep moving forward.



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