3 Secrets to Great Dental Word-of-Mouth Advertising

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Patient Attraction Episode 341

Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast. Today, I’m going to give you 3 ways to create dental patients who want to stay, pay, and, most importantly, refer. Stay tuned.

– If you could get every patient to bring you 20 more patients, you wouldn’t need to watch this podcast or do any kind of marketing or advertising.

– Unfortunately, even the best word-of-mouth advertising doesn’t result in enough new patients to give you more patients, more profits, or more freedom.

– But word-of-mouth advertising is incredibly powerful.

– A first-hand recommendation from a trusted source is certainly a head start on moving someone from prospect to patient.

– But how do you create patients who not only are pleased with your services, but are SO pleased that they want other people to to visit you as well.

– And not just any people, but people who are important to them?

– In short, how do you get patients to give some of their credibility to you?

– First, make sure your staff understands what you are about.

– Everybody in your organization needs to be on the same page with the same mission.

– That mission is to give patients an amazing experience that makes them WANT to spread the word about your practice.

– Second, go beyond the expected.

– That means start with an attitude of, “What else can we do for this patient?”

– That doesn’t mean free dentistry.

– That doesn’t even mean discount dentistry.

– But it does mean doing everything you can to satisfy the patient by giving him or her MORE than he or she expects.

– Finally, follow the Golden Rule.

– Does your practice treat every patient as you would treat your great-aunt, or want your grandfather to be treated?

– Don’t be so quick to say yes.

– Would you want your great-aunt to have to wait for 15-20 minutes in another dentists’ waiting room?

– Would you want another practice to tell your grandfather that it “processes” all insurance, knowing that practice is not an accepted provider for that insurance?

– Of course not.

– So why would you do that to your patients?

– If you want patients who not only keep appointments but help fill your appointment book, you won’t.

– I hope you had a great week, and until next time, keep moving forward.