3 Key Phone-Tracking Metrics Every Dentist MUST Use

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Patient Attraction Episode 731

Phone tracking is the absolute best way to measure ROI on your dental practice marketing. You’ll see what’s working to attract new patients and what parts of your marketing need help. I’ll be right back with 3 key metrics you must track. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and welcome to the podcast.

– We strongly recommend phone tracking for all our dentists.

– The reason is that, even in this Internet age, prospective patients are far more likely to call than to send an email.

– However, new patients aren’t always the most reliable when reporting where they saw your marketing.

– So a phone tracking system that can automatically identify the source, like our exclusive SmartBox Zetetics®, is what you need.

– With Zetetics, every marketing vehicle has a unique phone number, all of which forward to your office phones.

– And a database keeps track of where each call originated and records each call.

– Once your phone tracking system is in place, here are 3 key performance metrics to watch.

– Number 1, and this is a no-brainer: the number of calls per month.

– Your busy staff can try to keep track, but that doesn’t always work well.

– An increase in calls means that something you’re doing is working.

– A decrease means that something has to change.

– And the only way you’ll know which is which is to identify the source of the calls.

– With our system, you can tell at a glance where your marketing is performing.

– Tip number 2: the number of new patient conversions.

– If you’re getting 100 phone calls a month, and only 5 new patients, something is wrong.

– Having a recording of each call can help you analyze where your staff isn’t performing with new callers.

– That allows you to do additional front-end training.

– And tip number 3 is to cross-reference your incoming calls and conversions against your collections.

– More calls and more conversions should drive a significant increase in collections.

– If not, your marketing isn’t attracting the kind of patients you want.

– If you’d like to know how you can attract more and better patients, visit smartboxdentalmarketing.com.

– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast on 4 digital challenges dentists face this year.

– Until then, keep moving forward.