3 Critical Keyword and SEO Principles

Patient Attraction Episode 601: 3 Critical Keyword and SEO Principles

Dr. Hook recently opened a practice and has decided to take what I call the “shotgun approach” to building SEO though his paid marketing efforts. He spent thousands of dollars purchasing the highest-performing keywords in his local market. Then, his phone doesn’t ring, and his Google ranking does not so much as budge. When we return, I’ll tell you why Dr. Hook’s SEO plan was doomed to fail from the beginning and provide 3 critical principles to follow when forming an SEO strategy.

Colin here, and welcome to this Sunday edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Keywords are the foundation of a healthy and high-performing SEO strategy.

– They are the rudder that steers the ship of your online marketing campaigns.

– But if you’re not careful, those keywords can be the exact thing the runs your ship aground.

– Here are my 3 tips you MUST KNOW when developing a keyword marketing campaign.

– 1. Do your research.

– Jumping in the deep end is no way to enter the SEO battle.

– Find keywords that are right for your budget as well as ones that can bring business to your practice.

– More importantly, think about your audience.

– Google Adwords or Google Webmaster Tools are both great resources that help you determine what keywords are right for your audience.

– Google actually identifies keywords that are relevant to your practice that you might not be using.

– If you are looking for new keywords or are skeptical how effectively your current keywords are working, check with Google Webmaster Tools to see what keywords you might be missing out on.

  1. Discover your niche.

– Think of keywords like cars.

– The car dealer has a huge choice of cars to put on the lot, but they only populate their space with cars that sell.

– Likewise, you should only populate your marketing campaigns with keywords that will bring patients to your website and put butts in the chair.

– Long-tail keywords are generally less competitive and help you prequalify your patients.

– Dental practices often make the mistake of wanting to shoot for the moon with the highest-performing or most-expensive keywords.

– The problem with that model is that it does not sustain over the long-term, and if you’re lucky enough to benefit from that model, it’s only a matter of time before your luck runs out.

  1. Track your results.  

– One of the biggest mistakes you can make in keyword research and implementation is to not track your results.

– I often speak with dentists who funnel tons of money into an SEO campaign but have little to no idea how well their keywords are working.

– A keyword that is tracking well this month may not bring you the same results in six months.

– By tracking your results, you’ll know when to diversify or change your keywords.

– Remember, that keywords are the foundation to your digital marketing, so take the time and be judicious about keywords that you spend your hard-earned money on.

– Tomorrow I’ll have the first part of a two-part series about writing perfect content for your marketing campaigns.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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