3 Critical Actions That Will Ramp Up Your Image

Patient Attraction Episode 622: 3 Critical Actions That Will Ramp Up Your Image You might remember the Canon advertising campaign that said, “Image is everything.” When we come back, I’m going to tell you why the PERCEPTION of your dental practice can be as important as the actual quality of your work. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and welcome to this weekend edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Most of you who have listened to this podcast know that I am a huge proponent of press releases and finding ways to build trust with your community and prospective patients.

– A successful marketing campaign should build SEO for your dental practice and showcase the new and exciting things that your practice is doing to treat patients.

– While dentists are already in the customer service business, it’s possible that you are still missing ways to improve your image in the community.

– Here are a few ways you can improve your business and public image:

– 1. Find Your ROI.

– You may think this has little to do with your patients, but that’s not the case.

– You need to understand what compels them to set appointments and accept treatment and what is working for you.

– There is no purpose in having any sort of marketing strategy if you cannot measure the return on investment.

– Otherwise, you’re just throwing money around and hoping that something sticks.

– Tools like Google Analytics and phone tracking give you the power to track your marketing efforts and find what engages new patients.

– Set up a dedicated number for your website and track the calls.

– This way you can monitor every call that is generated from the website or online marketing campaign.

– The great benefit of phone tracking is that you can determine what type of patients you are getting and find out exactly what is provoking them to select your dental practice.  

– 2. Use Referrals or Pay-per-click Advertising.

– This ties in closely with tracking your return on investment, but it is slightly different.

– With referrals and pay-per-click advertising, you can bring in new patients and then track exactly what compelled those patients to select your practice.

– Think of it like this: Even if you are rewarding a patient 10 percent off their treatment with a promo code, you’re essentially taking 10 percent off treatment so you can find out what campaign drew that patient to your office in the first place.

– With that information, you can attract scores of new patients with a similar campaign and quickly grow your practice.

– 3. Follow-up With Patients.

– Once you have the patients in the chair, your work is far from over.

– Dentists often make this mistake and find themselves with a huge turnover rate.

– Through email automation, you can constantly touch base with your patients and maintain your status a their go-to dentist.

– The automation allows you to remind patients about their care and to request reviews of their dental experience.

– If you have a great patient, send them a link to the review page of your website – or to your Yelp page – so they can tell other how great you are.

– Great marketing and great public relations go hand-in-hand, just like great clinical skills go hand-in-hand with building trust with your patients.

– Join me again tomorrow when I’ll talk about how great SEO can make your practice stand out.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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