15 Minutes With Dr. Howard Farran

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Patient Attraction Episode 397
Thanks for joining the Patient Attraction Podcast today. Noted dentist, speaker, and media mogul Howard Farran joins me today.
– Yesterday, I sat down with dental entrepreneur and expert Howard Farran during the Townie Meeting in Las Vegas.
– For a man known for his “colorful language,” you may not know that this 52-year-old grandfather also does squeaky clean stand-up comedy.
– It’s something he has done, and loved, for a long time.
– Dr. Farran said he still practices dentistry for the same reason.
– He said he doesn’t have to, thanks to his dental magazine, website, and lectures.
– He does it just for the love of it.
– To market his practice, Dr. Farran said he focuses on organic growth.
– Women make 9 out of 10 appointments, and trust is everything with women.
– If they come in blind as a marketing lead, they don’t know you yet.
– A problem he sees is that dentists don’t answer half of their incoming calls.
– These are mostly organic calls.
– If a Chinese restaurant got twice as many calls, its business would explode.
– Dentists should change the front desk schedule to answer more calls, Dr. Farran said.
– He sees the front desk as sales and marketing.
– You can’t answer every phone call with, “Can you please hold?”
– Dentists don’t answer half their calls and can’t understand why they don’t have any revenue.
– Dentists need to change this culture and it starts with the doctor, Dr. Farran said.
– When the doctor is the first one in, stays through lunch, and is the last one to go, that sets the example for the staff.
– Dr. Farran’s management style is to find the best people and get out of their way.
– He gives his office manager the authority to do their job.
– The people with the most profitable dental offices in the world aren’t even dentists.
– The key to any service business is all about relationships.
– Dentists aren’t tracking their calls, and they don’t follow up with no-shows.
– Dr. Farran said dentists should keep the best long-term relationship employees who will keep long-term relationships with patients.
– What is the new patient experience?
– “Your patient chart looks like the bar scene in ‘Star Wars.'”
– You have people of all types as patients.
– People skills, not dental skills, is what determines your success.
– If you ask patients if they know of anyone who needs a dentist, they will be happy to tell you.
– Dentists don’t ask because it takes humility.
– Robert Cialdini, one of my heroes, was one of Dr. Farran’s MBA teachers at Arizona State University.
– One of the things Dr. Farran learned is that using the word “because” is one of the most powerful words in the English language.
– Life is tough.
– Staff need to remember that even a difficult patient is going through something and needs a lot of love and smiles.
– I hope you’ve enjoyed these podcasts from Dentaltown’s Townie Meeting in Las Vegas.
– We’ll be back home tomorrow, a little lighter in the wallet but richer for the experience.
– Keep moving forward.