11 Media Interview Tips for Dentists

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Patient Attraction Episode 710

Yesterday, I talked about how dentists can handle a public relations crisis. Today, I’ll discuss the positive side of public relations – the media interview. If that idea makes you nervous, don’t be! I’ll be back after the break with some great tips for giving a great interview. Stay tuned.

– Getting in front of the media is a good way to promote your practice.

– That public awareness can boost your online presence and help lead to more new patient conversions.

– If you’re dreading the idea of an interview, relax.

– 3 out of 4 people fear speaking in public.

– However, not all interviews are done on-camera or in a radio station studio.

– Some are done over the phone or via email.

– And these 11 tips will help you prepare to ace your interview.

– The first is to clarify how the interview will be done and exactly what the purpose is.

– Number 2, nail down the topic so you can do some preparation beforehand.

– If you’re not the right person to talk about that topic, decline the interview.

– Third, develop some frequently asked questions and some clear, simple answers.

– Remember, you’re the expert, but you’ll be read, heard, or seen by non-experts.

– Tip number 4: Nail down 3 to 5 key messages that you want to get across during the interview.

– Develop some keywords for each to help you remember them.

– Fifth, if it’s appropriate, have statistics ready to back up your messaging.

– Sixth, practice! Have someone you know ask you questions so you can respond.

– Try phrasing things in different ways so that you’re comfortable saying them.

– Keep your answers short, under a minute at most.

– Seventh, get ready to field some tough questions.

– Interviews sometimes go in unexpected directions.

– For instance, NEVER criticize a competitor during an interview.

– The eighth tip is to NEVER let yourself be provoked into saying something you don’t want or intend to.

– It’s okay to redirect the interview back to your key messages.

– You can say something like, “I can’t speak to that, but the important thing to know is …”

– Tip 9: Keep it factual and honest.

– Don’t lie, exaggerate, or distort.

– Once an interview is in the public sector, it’s out there forever.

– Tip 10 comes after the interview.

– Send the interviewer a thank-you note and add any clarifications to what you said.

– You can correct any inaccurate information, but you can’t edit the interview.

– And tip 11, USE the interview.

– Get a copy and post it to social media. Make sure you tag and thank the interviewer.

– Interviews are great public relations opportunities that can be enjoyable.

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– Join me tomorrow for tips on how to maximize your connection with your social media followers.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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