10 Ways Successful Dentists Stay Calm

Patient Attraction Episode 281

Hello everyone, Colin Receveur here, and today and tomorrow I want to share some research with you about how successful people stay calm. Stay tuned.

– Today I want to talk to you about stress.

– Research shows that we NEED stress to reach peak performance.

– In short, stress is good for our performance so long as it is not too severe and doesn’t go on too long.

– Research also shows that stress that goes on too long decreases your cognitive abilities.

– So those people who are able to control their stress levels are most likely to work at their peak performance.

– I came across a list from a cognitive researcher with the top 10 traits of successful people in dealing with stress.

– We’ll look at the first five today and the second five tomorrow.

1. They appreciate what they have.

– Thinking about what you’re grateful for reduces cortisol output by 23 percent.

2. They avoid asking “What If?”

– Any situation can have innumerable possible outcomes.

– Any time you spend thinking about the ones you didn’t choose is time you aren’t spending dealing with the issues at hand.

3. They stay positive.

– This is a conscious choice.

– You have to decide to point your mind toward something positive rather than dwell on negatives.

4. They disconnect.

– I told you about this about three weeks ago.

– Your brain needs time to stop working on immediate problems to have time to deal with long-term creativity problems.

– Finally, number 5, they limit their caffeine intake.

– Drinking caffeine releases adrenaline, which puts your body AND mind into a hyperaroused state.

– As long as that caffeine is pumping through your system, your stress level is higher.

– So how many of these traits apply to you?

– Which ones could you incorporate better into your life?

– Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you the final 5 traits of successful people who stay calm.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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