10 Tips to Close More Phone Appointments (part 2)

Patient Attraction Episode 587: 10 Tips to Close More Phone Appointments (part 2)  


I want you to imagine going to the grocery store, paying top dollar for the best surf and turf meats, the freshest vegetable, some beautiful potatoes. Then spending hours preparing it in pots and pans, slaving over the oven and the stove cooking it just right. Finally you put together beautiful plates of food for you and your spouse on your anniversary. Everything is perfect – until you stumble on your way to the table and drop your special meal all over the floor. I’ll tell you how you’re probably doing this same thing in your dental practice every day when we return.

– Hi and welcome to day two of our look at how to improve your dental practice’s phone technique.

– Yesterday I told you how you can spend tens of thousand of dollars on your marketing and HAVE IT ALL WORK PERFECTLY, but still not end up with enough new patients because they are lost at the phone call stage.

– I gave you the first 5 tips on how to improve this.

– Just to recap, they are:

  1. Open strong.
  2. Get and use the caller’s name.
  3. Direct the conversation.
  4. Find out the problem.
  5. Restate the problem.

– Before we move on to the other steps, today’s first tip is something that should happen from the start of the call to the end of the call.

– At number 6, use the appropriate tone of voice.

– If you are disinterested, the patient will think you don’t care.

– If the caller has said she is in incredible pain, you should NOT sound like it is the happiest day of your life!

– This is where the word “appropriate” comes in.

– You need to sound sincere and compassionate.

– 7. Set the appointment.

– This is the point of every call!

– Every answer to every patient question (remember step 3?) should be, directly or indirectly, to come in and see the doctor.

– Next, get contact information.

– This is true whether they make an appointment or not.

– Some techniques have you do this as soon as you get the person’s name.

– That would go something like, “To whom am I speaking? Ok, Mary, thanks for calling us. Can I get a phone number just in case we should get disconnected? Thanks, now tell me how Dr. X can help you.”

– 9. After you have set the appoint, ask how the caller heard about your practice.

– I’ll tell you, I get more skeptical of this one over the years.

– I’ve told you before how you can’t trust your dental patients to remember where they heard about you accurately.

– And ALL of your marketing should be tied to trackable phone numbers, like what we do for our clients.

– But, it doesn’t hurt to ask, especially if you have started something new.

– Finally, close the call with a reminder of how your office is going to solve their problem.

– Make sure to use the caller’s name.

– This will reduce the number of no shows and cancellations.

– Follow these 10 tips, and you’ll see your marketing become much more effective.

– As always, keep moving forward.


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