10 Things to Hate About Dental Blogs (part 2)

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Patient Attraction Episode 278

Yesterday we started a two-day series on 10 writing mistakes that cause people to stop reading your blogs. We got through the first five yesterday, and we’ll go over the final five when we return. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here on this fantastic Friday, December 12.

– We are talking about how important having good writing technique is when you write your blogs.

– Blogs are used, in part, to establish your credibility with prospects.

– If your blogs are littered with writing mistakes, they don’t help you credibility – they hurt it.

– So let’s look at the second half of the list.

6. One of the most common mistakes you see everywhere: using singular nouns with plural pronouns.

– For instance, most of us have written something like, “If a patient is in pain, they can call us for emergency dentistry.”

– That actually should be, “If patients are in pain, they can call us for emergency dentistry.”

– Or it could be “If a patient is in pain, he or she can call us for emergency dentistry.”

7. Inflated writing.

– Common phrases such as “in order to,” “in the event of” and “in regards to” can all be distilled down to one word: to, if and about, respectively.

8. Here’s one I’m particularly bad about: apostrophes.

– An apostrophe has two uses: to replace deleted numbers or letters, and to make words possessive.

– So if you want to say “the ’70s,” the apostrophe goes before the 7 (to replace the 19), not between the 0 and s.

– And just because a word has an s on the end of it, doesn’t mean it needs an apostrophe.

– Only if it owns something.

9. Writing is more formal than speaking.

– That means the words you use in speaking, such as like or ’til, you wouldn’t use when writing.

10. Finally, dangling modifiers.

– If you’re going to use a descriptive phrase, make sure it applies to what you intend.

– For instance, “After getting worse for months, Bob finally decided to have his cracked tooth pulled.”

– Bob didn’t get worse for months; his tooth did.

– I hope these tips help you write better blogs and get better results.

– Come back Monday and we’ll talk about 10 celebrities you can name-drop when suggesting cosmetic dentistry.

– Until then, keep moving forward.