10 Things Dentists Must Know About CTA Forms

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Patient Attraction Episode 415

When dentists deliver a call-to-action on their website, there must be a way for prospects to take action. I’ll tell you more when we return.

– Colin here, and thanks for joining me for day 2 of our look at dental calls-to-action.

– This is day 10 of our look at websites that convert prospects into patients.

– The forms we are going to talk about today are an important part of that conversion process.

– In some cases, these forms can actually take the information needed to schedule an appointment.

– In most cases, call-to-action forms simply enter the prospect into some area of your dental sales funnel.

– A form is where the prospect enters whatever information you are trying to get.

– A form is often linked to a landing page.

– Here are 5 tips for effective landing pages.

  1. The landing page should confirm the offer and give more detail.
  2. Really top-notch landing pages include additional copy that sells the offer, such as a testimonial or benefit statement.
  3. Don’t make the page too colorful or image heavy.

– Prospects should go right to filling out the form before they change their mind.

  1. Remove website navigation from the page.

– Don’t give people a chance to second-guess themselves.

  1. The landing page should prominently display the form.

– Here are 5 tips for successfully implementing CTA forms:

  1. There is a very simple rule for online forms: only ask for the information you need.

– The more information you ask for, the fewer people who will fill it out.

– The more valuable the lure, the more information you can ask for.

  1. Don’t ask for personal or sensitive information.

– This goes back to rule 1.

  1. Make sure you have a privacy policy that says you won’t sell or share your email list.
  2. Stop using the word “Submit” on the button!

– Say, “Get your report,” or “Sign up for our newsletter,” or whatever.

  1. Send anyone who fulfills the offer to a thank-you page.

– This thank you page should confirm that the form has been submitted and the offer is being fulfilled.

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– For the next two days, we are going to talk more in-depth about search engine optimization.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.