10 Reasons Your Patients are Complaining Publicly (5)

Patient Attraction Episode 193

Hi everyone. Today I’ll reveal the top two complaints Yelp reviewers have about dental offices. Number 1 especially is the ultimate oh no, no no for any medical professional. I’ll tell you what it is when we come back.

– Just to recap, we’ve been looking at the results of 2,200 negative Yelp reviews of 100 Southern California dental offices compiled by researchers at the Dental Anywhere blog.

– Yelp is a review website where people can rate businesses on a scale of 1 to 5.

– According to the Boston Consulting Group, 90% of locals said positive ratings influence their decision to visit or buy from a business, and 72% said they trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their friends and family.

– This is word-of-mouth advertising in the Internet age.

– So today we are looking at the top 2 complaints.

– Coming in at number 2 is one that probably drives a lot of you crazy: long wait time.

– 42 percent of negative Yelp reviews complained of waiting an hour or more.

– This is a practice-management issue that you have to work out with your staff.

– Are they scheduling you too frequently?

– Are you underestimating how long consults and procedures will take?

– It is up to you and your office staff to resolve why you have some many patients waiting so long.

– If you don’t it will resolve itself when patients get fed up and stop coming.

– That leads us to the number one complaint on the list, and man is it a big one: diagnosed with unnecessary treatment.

– 55 percent of Yelp complaints said a second opinion disputed the need for an extensive treatment suggested by the original dentist.

– Let’s get the obvious out of the way: any dentist that would unethically suggest a procedure that a patient doesn’t need gets what he deserves by way of negative Yelp reviews.

– Now, let’s talk about what happens when these are unfair reviews.

– More than likely, most of these were simply a difference of opinion between two well-meaning dentists.

– But again, the perception in the community is that the reviewed dentist was doing something unethical.

– Here is another example of why having an overwhelming number of positive reviews is important.

– You cannot respond to every negative review, nor should you, with facts about each patient.

– You have to let your satisfied patients defend you.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.


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