10 Reasons Your Patients are Complaining Publicly (4)

Patient Attraction Episode 192

Welcome to day four of our look at complaints on Yelp about dental offices. We’re almost done, and the next two are doozies. Stay tuned.

– We’ve been looking at the results of 2,200 negative Yelp reviews of 100 Southern California dental offices done by researchers at the Dental Anywhere blog.

– Yelp, for those who don’t know, is a review website where people can rate businesses on a scale of 1 to 5.

– According to the Boston Consulting Group, 90% of locals said positive ratings influence their decision to visit or buy from a business, and 72% said they trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their friends and family.

– This is word-of-mouth advertising in the Internet age.

– Today we are looking at numbers 3 and 4 and, as you can probably imagine, they are bad.

– At number 4, is work that had to be redone.

– 39 percent of negative reviews dealt with procedures that had to be redone either by the original dentist or a new dentist.

– Adding insult to injury, most of the reviewers had to pay for the correction.

– This is bad. Really, really bad.

– After all, this is what the dentist is there to do.

– Nobody wants to go to a dentist who won’t solve their problem but still charges them.

– Now, of course not all of this is the dentists’ fault.

– Some of these patients were likely nitpickers.

– Others may not have been happy with the results relative to the price.

– But the public never hears or considers those reasons.

– They are left to believe that the reviewed dentist simply did a bad job.

– This is one of the places where having an overwhelming number of positive reviews is your saving grace.

– We work with our clients to boost their numbers of good reviews to help offset any negative ones.

– At number 3 is patients were billed incorrectly.

– 42 percent of negative Yelp reviews were caused by bills for procedures covered by insurance, bills for incomplete procedures and being billed a different price than they were quoted.

– Again, this is out of your hands.

– This is an internal communication issue between you and your office staff.

– Despite a large percentage of complaints, I don’t think this would be a make-or-break problem for most potential patients if they saw this among your reviews.

– Not like the number 1 and 2 reasons, which we will discuss tomorrow.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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