10 Headline Writing Tips You Need to Start Using (part 2)

Patient Attraction Episode 596: 10 Headline Writing Tips You Need to Start Using (part 2)


Yesterday I covered some of the biggest secrets to headline writing and ways to make your press releases catch the eye of readers and news agencies. Come back after the break, and we’ll cover the final five. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– So far, we have covered 5 of my Top 10 headline writing tips that will give your press release more exposure.

– My first headline tips included engaging the reader; writing the headline last; writing clever headlines; using active voice; and writing headline for the front page.

– Let’s continue that conversation with the last 5 tips in my Top 10 list.

  1. Use data to punch up the headline.

– Data and numbers stick out in headlines and encourage the reader to learn more.  

– In some cases, the data or numbers are the key points of the story, so putting the information in a prominent light is important.

  1. Use Imagery.

– Writing with imagery is one of the oldest, and most effective, ways to draw in readers.  

– Don’t write that your crowns are great when you can say they are natural-looking, beautiful or stunning.

– Using eye-catching verbs and adjectives in a tremendous way to get more people to click on your press release.

  1. Use alliteration.

– Using words that start with the same letter or words that sound similar give a unique rhythm to your headline.

– This goes back to writing a headline that grabs the reader’s attention.

– A good example would be “Dedicated dentist discusses dental health.”

– The headline tells the story but also draws in the reader.

  1. Know your punctuation.

– You can use punctuation like commas, semicolons and colons to write catchy and punchy headlines.

– With the use of the colon, you can write a crafty headline and develop transitions.

– For example, you can write a headline “Free Day of Dentistry: Miami Dental Office to Host Dentistry From The Heart.”

– The colon allows the writer to create interesting, bold headlines and then follow it with additional information.

  1. Answer the reader’s question.

– A good press release headline answers an essential question like Who? What? When? Where? and Why?

– Once the reader has one of these questions answered in the headline, they are more likely to continue reading the rest of the story.

– Think about answering at least one of these 5 Ws when writing a headline.

– By using these 10 tips, you can write more compelling headlines and increase the chances of your press release being picked up by news agencies or getting more views online.

– The press release continues to be an incredible tool in building your practice’s reputation and boosting your SEO value.

– Come back tomorrow when I’ll discuss ways you might be losing patients without even knowing it.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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