10 Dental Website Redesign Must-Haves (part 5)

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Patient Attraction Episode 354

We have reached day 5 of our series on redesigning your dental marketing website. For some of you, I’m sure it can’t come soon enough. The last two days have really focused on the coding part of your website. Today, it gets even worse. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here, and in these podcasts I really try not to get too technical about coding and that sort of thing.

– But sometimes there is just no way around it.

– Today is one of those days.

– I’ll do the best I can to describe these ideas in terms non-techie, non-computer programmers can understand.

  1. First, you must set up what are called 301 redirects.

– This is what sends prospects from one URL to another URL automatically.

– As you change pages from your old website to your new website, you don’t want to lose the SEO value of the old link.

– And please don’t just delete those old pages.

– They still have SEO value, and there may be links to them from other sites.

– So you set up a 301 redirect so that the old URL leads to the new URL.

– If you don’t do this, you will lose SEO value as well as send people to pages that no longer exist.

– You’ve probably seen pages that say “Page Not Found.”

– This is NOT how you win new patients.

  1. Finally, make sure Google can crawl your site.

– With most web design companies, your site is built “offline,” if you will.

– It’s in a production environment where the rest of the Internet can’t find it.

– This is done by setting robots.txt to block search engine spiders.

– Then when the site is ready to go live, and no one checks robots.txt.

– So your brand new site is up for all the world to see – but is invisible for all intents and purposes.

– This sounds like such a simple thing.

– Make sure to use your Google Webmaster Tools to see if your site is being indexed.

– You know, just to be sure.

– Thanks for watching this series, and I hope it helps you be a little more informed when it comes time to redesign your website.

– Have a great weekend, and keep moving forward.