10 Dental Website Redesign Must-Haves (part 1)

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Patient Attraction Episode 350

Today we are going back to the inception of SmartBox Web Marketing, when we really were more of a dental website design firm. Over the next week, I’m going to give you 10 mistakes not to make when redesigning your website. Stay tuned.

– Back when I first started the company, just building a website was enough to get new patients online.

– In the decade since then, attracting patients has become exponentially more difficult.

– But one thing remains the same: an engaging website helps you attract more and better patients, and a bad website costs you new patients.

– Now, let’s be clear: redesigning your website IS NOT enough on its own to get you more patients, more profits and more freedom.

– You must do the SEO work, the video work, the advertising behind the scenes.

– But your website is the hub of your web marketing efforts.

– It HAS to be excellent.

– So here are 10 ways over the next two days not to mess it up!

  1. Keep what works on your existing site.

– Hey, not everything on your current site is terrible.

– Maybe some aspect of the design is memorable and eye-catching.

– Maybe the organization of the site is spot on.

– You’ve got to look at your analytics, see which pages get the most visits and which ones people stay on the longest.

– Look at the keywords that are bringing people to your site.

– See which pages are indexed.

– Use the pages that get heavy traffic and keep viewers longer, and dump the rest.

  1. Make decisions for people, not search engines.

– That may sound odd after telling you to look at some things that involved SEO and metrics, but it’s really not.

– Because those are just reflections of how people are finding and using your site.

– That also means that when you decide to rewrite and reorganize your website, keep your prospects and patients in mind.

– Because Google searches in a conversational way, you need to write that way.

– While keywords are important in your metadata, readable copy is more important on your pages.

– Pages that are easy to navigate are important.

– Content that informs is important.

– SEO is important, being prospect-friendly is more important.

– As I always say: Put people first, and the rest will work itself out.

– Come back tomorrow and I’ll continue my thoughts on SEO.

– Until then, keep moving forward.