Focus On Your Dental Prospects’ Needs

Your Dental Marketing Program Isn’t For Other Dentists

When you look at your dental website, how many times does it say “we” or “I” compared to the number of times it says “you” and “your”?

If there aren’t four “you”s for every “we,” your website has a problem.

It has a “we-we” problem.

That means your website spends too much time saying, “We can do this,” “we have that,” “we offer this,” and “we provide that.”

Here is a hard truth: Your prospects don’t care about you or your dental practice.

They don’t care about your degree; dentists today are assumed to be competent. They don’t care about your postgraduate training; they don’t know the difference between one program and another. Your prospects don’t care about your staff; again, if only by association with you, they’re assumed to be competent. Your prospects don’t care about your equipment; they assume your office has what’s needed.

They care about themselves.

Unless your dental marketing is supposed to attract other dentists, the things that matter to you and other dentists don’t matter at all to your actual prospects.

So you can take down your graphic simulations of how implants are drilled into someone’s jawbone. You can remove your X-rays of straightened teeth. You can do away with your “buffet” list of the services you offer. Those may impress other dentists, but your prospects won’t care.

You need patient attraction marketing, not dentist attraction marketing.

Your Dental Website Is Not Really About You At All

Or at least it shouldn’t be. It should be a place where your prospects can find solutions to their dental problems.

Your patients don’t want to know how you do dental implants; they want to know that you can help them chew again.

Your patients don’t want to know that you do cleanings and whitening; they want to know that they can smile with confidence.

Your patients don’t want to know that you can make them a sleep appliance; they want to know that you can help them (or their spouse) wake up in the morning feeling rested.

You’ve got to join the conversations that people are already having with themselves and others. “My tooth hurts,” “I’m unhappy with my smile,” “I’m embarrassed to laugh” – these are the issues and conversations you have to address if you want to attract the patients YOU want.

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