What do you do for dentists that’s different than everyone else?

#1 We have a scheduled monthly strategy phone call to review your marketing efforts. During your monthly strategy calls, we will review your stats, efforts, as well as other success factors, such as your staff’s phone training, your sales funnel, any special offers you are running, among others

#2 We request your Return on Investment (ROI) stats monthly for both your online and offline marketing. This allows us to not only optimize your marketing by how many phone calls you received, but also by actual dollars generated. The synergism between your newspaper ads, radio or TV Advertising and your online presence is essential to your success. We can help you fit the puzzle together.

#3 Use our Zetetics Phone Tracking in all your marketing to track and record all of your leads. By tracking your phone calls and $$$ generated, we can show you with precision exactly what works (and what doesn’t). You can use our phone recordings to train your staff. Many doctors are surprised to hear us say that most offices need weekly phone training to “stay on top” of the correct way to manage patients into your sales funnel.

#4 We will make suggestions for improving your total marketing efforts. Whether on the web, in the postal mail, on the phone, or in your office, your success is our primary goal. We will be there to guide you every step of the way. Implementing our suggestions (and we’ll help you) is critical to your success.