How much do you cost? Can I afford you?

I personally feel like all of our packages are priced very aggressively and they are a tremendous value for everything we include. Unlike many other marketing firms, our marketing packages are comprehensive and cover every aspect of web marketing you need to be successful. Our goal for our dentist clients is that they will absolutely dominate their market area and become the expert in their niches… and to do this you need to be seen everywhere online. A patient looking for a prophy has a very low barrier of entry… but a patient that is looking to lay down 20k for a full mouth rehab or cosmetic case is going to fully examine all their options, checkout all of your competition, and they will want to know that the dentist they select is the “brain surgeon” for their needs — not a “general MD.” You must have the correct systems in place to not only attract, but also pre-qualify and close the cases… and our marketing systems contain the 4 elements you need to succeed online: Visibility, Pre-Qualification, Follow-Up and Tracking. Many other marketing firms only give you the first element: visibility! Email me to get my Website Audit and you’ll be able to decode your marketing firm’s results and find out what they are REALLY doing for you.