How long have you been working with dentists?

The truth is, we never intended to work with dentists. Well, not exclusively anyway. Our first dentist client & my father, Dr. Ron Receveur signed on with us to design his first website in 1997. Unfortunately much of the technology available nowadays wasn’t even conceived in 1997, leaving us very limited on how to capitalize with this new advertising medium. After incorporating in 2001, we brought on dozens of local small businesses needing web design and marketing help around the Louisville, Kentucky area. Looking around, we saw the Yellow Pages being very expensive, Radio & TV were just out of reach for most business owners… and we just had a gut feeling that this “Internet thing” had real potential. As time went on we attracted more dentists in need of a big marketing boost, we immediately took note of how little dentists were leveraging the available technology on the web. Most had nothing more than an “online brochure.”