Check Landing Page Performance by Browser

Every browser is different.* Ask any web designer about their craft and you'll eventually get them talking passionately about these differences. How Internet Explorer 6 renders CSS pseudo-elements (badly) and handles padding and spaces (randomly). How IE7 ignores CSS drop shadows. How floating divs never seem to work the same way in any of the browsers. These peculiarities have driven many a developer to strong drink. When it comes to testing new webpage designs in Google Website Optimizer, speed can be essential. You want to get the ...

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Keyword domains to enhance rankings

In competitive industries, gaining every possible advantage over your competition is important. One key resource you can utilize in order to begin raking for high value terms (especially on the local level), is to invest in domain names based upon your keywords. For example, if you're a dentist in Austin, Texas, then you may want to buy the domain name - in many cases, you'll have to purchase the domain from the existing owner (since most high quality local keywords are registered), but proper ...

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Naming and Alt-Tag Conventions

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a properly optimized image is probably worth at least two thousand. In search marketing, images provide an important source of clarifying messages to consumers, as well as helping your site to rank for targeted terms. By creating effective, keyword rich names and alt-tags for your images, you'll help search engines to understand the nature of your site better - when two sites are competing for a search ranking, images can make the difference in terms of prioritized ranking. From a technical standpoint, ...

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The Power of Email Drip Marketing

Generating targeted online leads is an effective way to build up a list of prospective customers, and integrating an auto-responder can provide a virtual sales agent that sends automatic e-mail follow ups based upon opt-ins to your mailing list. Consumers today spend a lot of time searching for high quality vendors, and immediately reaching out with an effective email response 24/7 begins to establish trust with your potential customers to improve conversion rates. Automating Your Sales Force 24/7 Imagine that a customer comes to your site ...

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