Handle More of the Dental Cases You Love to Do

Are you just taking the new dental patients that walk in the door? Or are you getting the cases that you really enjoy doing? That may sound like a fairly stupid question; after all dentists don’t have total control over who contacts their practices for an appointment. But how you market has a huge impact on the types of new patients you get. In one sense, it’s the difference between bottom-fishing and using a float. There are different types of fish at different depths and they respond to different kinds of “bait.” If you’re not getting the types of patients and cases you ...

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Time Away From Your Dental Practice Isn’t a Myth

One of the most common complaints that SmartBox hears from dentists is that they’re chained to their practices. It’s common for dentists to work four, five, or even six days a week – not because they want to, but because they need or want to see as many patients as possible. In fact, many dentists describe themselves as running between operatories just to try to keep up with their packed schedules. Some even say they’re on roller skates. If you’re struggling to keep your chairs filled, you probably think that too many patients would be a great problem to have. It’s true that ...

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Will Dental Insurance Soon Be “Discounted” To Those Who Brush and Floss Daily?

An article ran in mid-April about a family that switched dental insurers and were offered “free” electric toothbrushes after signing up. The problem – for the author, anyway – was that those toothbrushes wirelessly connected to a free app that the users were to download to their smartphones. The toothbrushes tracked and reported on various tidbits of the users’ brushing habits. That might have included the frequency of brushing, length of brushing, and brush head speed. The author was able to verify only brush head speed based on the information supplied by the insurer. The ...

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These Aren’t the Dental Prospects You’re Looking For

No, that headline isn’t some Jedi mind trick, as handy as it would be to have that power. It’s a statement of fact when it comes to the vast majority of dentists, and that’s a shame. This is actually a great time to be dentist. The fundamentals of the U.S. economy are strong, unemployment is extremely low, and wages overall are rising. That means more prospects working and having the money in their pockets to pay for dental treatment. Have you adjusted your marketing approach to this new reality? Or are you still chasing after prospects who are motivated primarily by low price, ...

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That’s the Kind of Porsche that Dentists Drive

Steve Jobs was notoriously a real a$$hole to work for. Famously known for his berating of interviewees and employees, he never held back speaking his mind. If you've read his bio or watched the movie, you know EXACTLY what I mean. But he was an a$$hole that made a HUGE amount of money. In fact, during his Porsche infatuation phase of the 1970s and 1980s, he had a garage full of Porsches. And Apple even collaborated with Porsche to produce the Apple Porsche 935 K3 (pictured to right) ==> I’m not suggesting that being an a$$hole is necessary for major success. That’s not ...

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Is It Time to Add An Associate Dentist?

If you’ve been running a solo dental practice for ten years or more, you may be looking at not being a one-man dentistry machine. That’s understandable; dentistry is a great profession, but the daily treadmill of patients ultimately does bad things to dentists’ necks and backs. Not only that, but you might be yearning for some variety in what you do. There are only so many routine exams and drill-and-fills you can do before they become more of a chore than something fulfilling. Or maybe you’re in the fortunate position of having more patients and prospects than you can handle. ...

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What’s in Your New Dental Patient Pipeline?

Dentists who advertise like most other dentists get what most other dentists get – price shoppers, insurance-driven patients, and one-and-dones with little or no loyalty to the practice. You can keep a dental practice going with those patients, but it’s not pretty or fun. Those types of patients create a dental treadmill – low case value, high volume, and a lot of work for not enough return. The dental treadmill is physically and emotionally hard on you and on your staff. It takes a lot of time and effort to increase a practice’s bottom line. Part of the reason for that is price ...

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Find a Dental Marketing Firm That Can Put All the “Stuff” Together

If you’re handling your own dental practice marketing, you know that it can feel overwhelming at times. Think about the different aspects of what it takes to compete in today’s online environment: search engine optimization, online content, a strong social media presence, online reputation management, and much more. Dental practice owners wear a lot of “hats,” and the sad truth is that only one of them – your dentist’s hat – makes you any money. Adding a lot of marketing hats isn’t a good use of your time or talents. Nevertheless, They Persisted A surprising ...

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Is This The Future of Dentistry?

What’s in store for your dental practice? While no one has an (accurate) crystal ball, there are several industry trends that will certainly pose challenges for smaller, unaffiliated practices. Rather than “doom and gloom,” this article is about how you can anticipate and overcome the increasingly strong challenges to “dentistry as usual.” Let’s start by looking at how the dental industry has evolved. Money Talks Historically, dentistry has been a fee-for-service practice. While there were certainly many dentists who would allow some patients to make payments, it was ...

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Did You Go to Dental School to Write Marketing Content?

It’s an internet-driven world these days. Research shows that over 90 percent of dental prospects begin their search for a dentist online. And there’s no other advertising and marketing medium where the competition for “eyes” is more intense than the online environment. Being found online is a function of how much the various search engines, particularly Google, “likes” your online content. There are a lot of factors that go into great online content – responsiveness to prospects’ questions, authoritativeness, readability, search engine optimization, and much more. Writing ...

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