Paint A New “Picture” Of Dentistry For Yourself

Do you recall those classic Norman Rockwell paintings? You’ve probably seen them at one time or another – filled iconic images of happy families, small-town goings-on, and in general an idealized and unrealistic of American life. Nevertheless, those paintings played a large role in shaping people’s ideas of what life should be for generations. The current accepted “painting” of dentistry is nothing like the happy Rockwell paintings. It’s a fairly bleak rendering. And yet, the vast majority of dentists seem to accept the current view as the best possible situation. Let’s break ...

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Why Aren’t You Practicing The Dentistry You Want?

Sorry if that headline rubbed you the wrong way; you might have bristled when you read it and thought, “I AM practicing the way I want!” If so, more power to you; among dentists today, you’re very fortunate. SmartBox hears from dentists all over the country that their chairs are full and they’re making money… but they’re working themselves half to death to keep up with the demand for services. That’s the mixed blessing of so-called “full employment” and strong economic growth. Not only that, but the vast majority of patients’ they’re seeing want routine services ...

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Dentists Can Labor Less, Earn More

Happy Labor Day! I hope that your Monday holiday provides some much-needed rest and relaxation. One of the things that seems to be in very short supply these days for dentists is time away from the practice. All over the country, dental chairs are full and then some. Doctors describe themselves as practically running between rooms trying to keep up. Many practices have extended their hours or even added days to their calendars to meet the demand. There’s no question that dentists are making money these days, and that’s a welcome development after the fallout from the Great ...

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Are You Finding “Drill and Fill” Unfulfilling?

It’s a fact that every job has elements of tedium – repetitive tasks that need to be done but don’t yield much in the way of satisfaction. Dentistry is no exception. Dentists today complain of being overwhelmed by the number of new patients seeking services. That should be a great problem to have, and it would be except for the fact that most of those patients are seeking routine dental care. Dentists’ chairs are full of routine exams and drill-and-fills, and doctors describe themselves as practically running between rooms trying to keep up. If this is the kind of dentistry you ...

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When This Isn’t The Dentistry You Expected

If you’re a dentist who’s been in practice for more than 15 years, you have first-hand experience in how the profession has changed. It’s fair to say that many of those changes haven’t been for the better. Dentists’ incomes took a substantial hit during the Great Recession of 2008. It took until about 2015 for incomes to begin rising again. But today, those incomes aren’t what they should be. That’s true for dentists and for the majority of the American public. Wages haven’t kept pace with the rising cost of providing dental care. Dental insurance companies have been a ...

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Dentists Should Stop “Selling” Themselves Short

Dentists who discount their fees – which is practically all of them – should stop it. That might sound like a radical statement, given the current climate of advertising low price, specials, and discounts. Dentists typically believe that to attract new patients, they must offer at least competitive prices, if not the lowest price. In the process, dentists devalue themselves and their profession. You’re Better Than This When was the last time you heard of a cardiologist offering a discounted angiogram? Or a surgeon mailing out a coupon for $200 off an appendectomy? Or even a ...

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Beat Corporate Dentistry At YOUR Own Game

What’s the old joke? “The race is not always to the swift, nor victory to the strong… but that’s the way to bet.” When it comes to corporate dentistry versus you, the smart money is on the corporate chains. They have economies of scale that you can’t hope to match, meaning they can beat you up on price every time. They can afford to offer extended evening and weekend hours because they’re staffed for that situation. They may provide a broader range of services. And their marketing budget is almost certainly many times what you can afford. That sounds hopeless, but then ...

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How Much Will Your Dental Practice Bring At Sale?

It wasn’t that long ago that having a dental practice for decades and then selling it was the golden parachute to a very comfortable retirement. Those days are gone, and they’re not coming back. Back in “the day,” it was common for practices to sell for two to three times collections or even more. Today, with the rise of corporate dentistry and more practicing dentists than at any time in U.S. history, you’ll be lucky to get 80 percent of collections at sale. In fact, as of November 2016, according to one dental financial group, general dental practices went for just 69.87 ...

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The Golden Age Of Dentistry Is Something You Can Make

Times have changed for the dental profession, and we’ll never see the historic Golden Age of Dentistry of the 80s and 90s again. Between corporate dentistry, large group practices, and declining dental insurance reimbursements, those days are gone. Dentists today have two choices: they can continue to work too hard for too long for too little.. or they can make their own Golden Age. Watch Colin’s short Tip of the Day video to learn how you can work less, earn more, and enjoy life again! If you're ready to stop working too long for too hard for too little, click the link below to ...

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What Kind Of Dental Practice Do You WANT?

If you’re a general practice dentist, is it because you set out to serve a broad cross-section of patients? Or did you take that route because you thought it was the only avenue open to you? Regardless, you don’t have to continue doing mostly general dentistry if you don’t want to. Sure, that sounds like crazy talk… but it’s not. There are two key aspects to having the kind of niche practice you want – cosmetic dentistry, implants, full-mouth restoration, or periodontal treatment, for instance. The first aspect is to ensure that you have the clinical skills to provide ...

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