Did Google Change the Rules About Online Dental Reviews?

A report from late May indicated that Google is no longer counting anonymous reviews in its Knowledge Panel total or in the overall rating for a website. While one online wag observed that it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a Google bug and a Google feature, it’s possible that this is a permanent change. The change was detected by an online website owner and later confirmed by an SEO specialist. The anonymous reviews still exist and can be accessed but no longer influence a dentist’s review total or overall rating. That’s potentially good or bad news for ...

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Your Prospects Don’t Speak “Dental Fruit Salad”

Dentistry is a very technical profession, and patients rarely understand dental technical terms. That’s not all they don’t understand; they also don’t understand the letters after your name, the difference between postdoc training courses, or much of anything else that impresses dentists. Your marketing has to speak to patients in their own language, and you have to explain why the weird terms are important to them. Watch Colin’s short Tip of the Day video to learn the importance of not relying on “fruit salad” in your practice marketing. Would you like to know more about ...

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Your Dental Office Front Staff is Good, But Not That Good

You’re a small business owner, and the fact that you’re still in business says a lot about your business savvy. You’ve certainly hired good, even great people for your practice. That holds true for the dental hygiene and dental assisting sides as well as for the front office. You can monitor the work, or at least the results of the work, for the clinical side. But you’re spending most of your time in your operatories, so monitoring the front office staff is a lot harder. That’s not to take away from anyone’s efforts; they’re undoubtedly fine people doing the best they can ...

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Your Dental Prospects Need To Know 3 Things

You might think that your dental marketing is about you and your practice. That’s true if you’re trying to impress other dentists. However, your prospects have specific concerns that your marketing must address if they’re going to choose you to solve their dental problems. Watch Colin’s short Tip of the Day video to learn the 3 things that your patients and prospects must know. And if you're interested in learning more about the keys to attracting better dental patients, click on the link below.   Learn More ...

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How’s That Flood of Low-Value Dental Patients Going?

Having a robust economy is a good thing. Having that economy overwhelm dental practices with new patients not a good thing. That’s particularly true when those new patients don’t represent high case value for your practice. That’s what more and more dentists are telling SmartBox. They don’t need more patients. They’re drowning in patients. Some dentists describe themselves as being on roller skates, sprinting between operatories because their schedules are jammed. They can’t take any time away from the practice, much as they’d love to. They’re worried about the impact ...

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The Dental Marketing Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Did you know that a few simple mistakes can sink your marketing numbers and increase your costs outrageously? One dentist who cancelled services with SmartBox found that out the hard way. Fortunately, he realized that the grass where he had been was greener, and called Colin. Watch Colin’s short Tip of the Day video to learn what almost sank this dentist’s marketing ship. And if you're ready to learn more about how to minimize your marketing costs while maximizing your results, follow the link below.   Learn More ...

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How Did You Enjoy Your Day Away From the Dental Practice?

Hopefully your 4th of July was a relaxing time with family and friends. As a group, dentists get far too few days away from their practices, and that’s an unnecessary shame. It’s unnecessary because there’s no reason for dentists to have to work four, five or even six days a week. There’s no reason why they have to run between operatories trying to keep up with jam-packed schedules. If that’s become your normal, it’s time to seriously consider a different approach to practicing dentistry. Aside from the stress of working too long and too hard for too little, common sense ...

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Declare Your Independence From Bad Dental Marketing

Happy Fourth of July, one day in advance. Historically and culturally, tomorrow is a big deal for the United States and, indirectly, much of the rest of the world. Democracy never really caught on until America declared its independence from England and fought for and won the right to determine its own affairs. Once our fledgling Republic was up and running for a while, it served as the inspiration for countries around the world. What does this have to do with dentistry? The Fourth of July is the anniversary of organized, successful resistance to tyranny. There’s another sort-of ...

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Dental Marketing Tactical Hell Is No Place To Be

Too many dentists mistake the forest for the trees when it comes to their practice marketing. It’s easy, but a bad idea, to get bogged down in dental marketing tactical hell by focusing on the wrong metrics. You’ve got to focus on the right metric for your online marketing if you’re going to realize the success you want. Watch Colin’s short Tip of the Day video to learn where your focus should be. And if you're ready to learn more about focusing for results, follow the link below.   Learn ...

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Stand By for the Q2 2018 SmartBox Challenge Results!

SmartBox dentists are rising to the Challenge! The SmartBox Challenge was born out of our hard data showing that 1) far too many incoming calls to dental practices went unanswered, and 2) that far too many new patient callers were never appointed. That was unacceptable to us – we will get dentists’ phones ringing, but the actual conversion from prospect to patient is up to the front office. So we decided to do something about it. Starting in January of this year, we issued a challenge to our dentists’ staff: answer as many calls during business hours as possible, and appoint every ...

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