Find a Dental Marketing Firm That Can Put All the “Stuff” Together

If you’re handling your own dental practice marketing, you know that it can feel overwhelming at times. Think about the different aspects of what it takes to compete in today’s online environment: search engine optimization, online content, a strong social media presence, online reputation management, and much more. Dental practice owners wear a lot of “hats,” and the sad truth is that only one of them – your dentist’s hat – makes you any money. Adding a lot of marketing hats isn’t a good use of your time or talents. Nevertheless, They Persisted A surprising ...

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Is This The Future of Dentistry?

What’s in store for your dental practice? While no one has an (accurate) crystal ball, there are several industry trends that will certainly pose challenges for smaller, unaffiliated practices. Rather than “doom and gloom,” this article is about how you can anticipate and overcome the increasingly strong challenges to “dentistry as usual.” Let’s start by looking at how the dental industry has evolved. Money Talks Historically, dentistry has been a fee-for-service practice. While there were certainly many dentists who would allow some patients to make payments, it was ...

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Did You Go to Dental School to Write Marketing Content?

It’s an internet-driven world these days. Research shows that over 90 percent of dental prospects begin their search for a dentist online. And there’s no other advertising and marketing medium where the competition for “eyes” is more intense than the online environment. Being found online is a function of how much the various search engines, particularly Google, “likes” your online content. There are a lot of factors that go into great online content – responsiveness to prospects’ questions, authoritativeness, readability, search engine optimization, and much more. Writing ...

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What Does It Take to Get Better Dental Patients?

How’s your dental practice marketing working for you? If you’re like the great mass of dentists, you advertise low prices, insurance acceptance, and specials. You can keep a practice going with that approach, but you’ve probably discovered that it’s a lot of work. Marketing to prospects that are barely able to afford your services brings a stream of price-shoppers, insurance-driven patients, and one-and-dones. Since those patients typically have little or no loyalty to your practice, you’re constantly laying out cash every month for newspaper ads, radio spots, and/or postcard ...

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Could 2018 Be the Year of the Woman Dentist?

Historically, dentistry is not a female profession. As recently as the 1970s, women made up only 15 percent of the graduating classes in dental schools. But now, women represent nearly half of all new dentists. Given the progression, it seems likely that over half of future dentists will soon be female Like it or not, the profession of dentistry is changing, much like the profession of medicine has been transformed by the influx of women physicians. That process wasn’t completely smooth; there are numerous accounts of female physicians being regarded as “less than” their male ...

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Is Your Dental Practice Positioned to Profit?

How much time do you spend planning for the future? If you’re like most dentists, it’s maybe a quarterly thing: a review of your stock portfolio, eyeballing the practice’s finances, checking that your Roth IRA is performing well enough, or some variation on that process. How much time do you spend planning the future of your dental marketing? Just like most financial investments are seldom “fire and forget,” your practice marketing deserves periodic review. What works to attract more new patients during one quarter may not work as well the next quarter. And forget about taking ...

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Let’s Cut Through the Dental Marketing “Smoke and Mirrors”

There are probably thousand of U.S. marketing firms offering services to dental practices. Some of those companies are good at what they do. Quite a few of them tend to specialize in one area marketing – search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content writing come to mind. Not to “diss” any particular company, but there’s no “magic marketing bullet” that will consistently get you the new patients you need. It’s like having one tool in your toolbox; it’s just not up to tackling all the jobs that need to be done. Today’s dental prospects overwhelmingly ...

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Think Those New Dental Graduates Aren’t Coming?

The University of Kansas announced in February that it is continuing the work to establish a dental school on the Medical Center campus in Kansas City. The University apparently feels strongly about a new dental school, because its work is continuing despite a lack of funding from the legislature. And in spite of the fact that, according to the ADA, dental school enrollment is at an all-time high with nearly 27,000 students enrolled from 2016-2017. In 2016, close to 6,000 new dentists entered the workforce. When you consider that the number of practicing dentists in the U.S. is ...

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Put Your Dental Marketing On Autopilot

How many hours a week, a month, or a year do you spend overseeing your practice marketing? It’s not uncommon for dentists who manage their marketing to spend many hours out of work hours deciding on ad content – specials, coupons, and discounts – and approving both the ad layout and the media buying schedule. That’s a lot of time that could be spending with family, with friends, and in recreational activities. Time that you won’t get back… every month. Some dental practices hire a marketing manager while others work with an outside provider. Both of those options can be ...

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Your Online Dental Content Has To Rock

One bit of marketing wisdom that’s been floating around for some time is that “Content is king” where Google is concerned. That wisdom holds true today and will probably remain so for a long time to come. Google has evolved its search results to provide the best possible user experience. According to a recent report, Google factors in such things as the user’s location, the time of day, previous searches, and the phrasing of the search request to decide which results to show. With all of that being equal, Google returns the results that it deems best answers the searcher’s ...

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