How You’re Wasting Your Dental Marketing Dollars

New patient opportunities slip through dentists’ hands every day… and they don’t even know it. The end goal of all your marketing must be to put more new patients in your chairs. Every prospect who calls your practice but isn’t appointed wastes your hard-earned marketing dollars. Watch Colin’s short Tip of the Day video to learn how to stop losing money over the phone. If you'd like to learn how to turn your front office staff into a new patient-appointing powerhouse, click the link below.   Learn More  ...

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Fix The Hole In Your Dental Practice Marketing

The end goal of dentists’ marketing is to put more – and ideally, better – patients in dental chairs. The online space is the single most effective practice promotion venue these days. With digital advertising, there are a host of available indicators about how effective a marketing campaign is – likes, follows, shares, comments, reviews, clicks, and so on. These are good and necessary things, but not sufficient. All of the clicks and likes in the world won’t put a single patient in your chairs. Your marketing pays off when new patients pick up the phone and book an ...

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Your Dental Office Front Staff is Good, But Not That Good

You’re a small business owner, and the fact that you’re still in business says a lot about your business savvy. You’ve certainly hired good, even great people for your practice. That holds true for the dental hygiene and dental assisting sides as well as for the front office. You can monitor the work, or at least the results of the work, for the clinical side. But you’re spending most of your time in your operatories, so monitoring the front office staff is a lot harder. That’s not to take away from anyone’s efforts; they’re undoubtedly fine people doing the best they can ...

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Stand By for the Q2 2018 SmartBox Challenge Results!

SmartBox dentists are rising to the Challenge! The SmartBox Challenge was born out of our hard data showing that 1) far too many incoming calls to dental practices went unanswered, and 2) that far too many new patient callers were never appointed. That was unacceptable to us – we will get dentists’ phones ringing, but the actual conversion from prospect to patient is up to the front office. So we decided to do something about it. Starting in January of this year, we issued a challenge to our dentists’ staff: answer as many calls during business hours as possible, and appoint every ...

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The Keys to Ultimate Dental Practice Success

Colin Receveur, CEO 0f SmartBox, has done it again. He’s written the definitive book to help dentists thrive. Rise UP! The Keys to Ultimate Dental Practice Success, is being released shortly, and it contains hope and help for dentists who want the success they’re due. Dentists who purchase this book – at a ridiculously low price – will learn how to take and hold the “high ground” of better dental patients in their markets. Those are the patients that who will keep your practice secure through good economic times and bad. This isn’t another “bright, shiny dental ...

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Appoint Every Possible New Dental Patient Caller

Your practice marketing might be awesome in getting prospects to pick up the phone. But what happens when those prospects call for an appointment? Every prospect that calls your office but isn’t appointed is a waste of your marketing funds. And there are few dental practices that can afford to throw away money. If you’re like almost all dentists, you believe that your front office does a great job appointing every new patient caller. And you may well be right … but how do you know? After all, you’re hopefully spending the vast majority of your time in your operatories, making ...

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Is Your Dental Practice Positioned to Profit?

How much time do you spend planning for the future? If you’re like most dentists, it’s maybe a quarterly thing: a review of your stock portfolio, eyeballing the practice’s finances, checking that your Roth IRA is performing well enough, or some variation on that process. How much time do you spend planning the future of your dental marketing? Just like most financial investments are seldom “fire and forget,” your practice marketing deserves periodic review. What works to attract more new patients during one quarter may not work as well the next quarter. And forget about taking ...

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Where Your Dental Marketing Dollars Are Wasted

The end goal of all your marketing efforts is to put more new dental patients in your chairs. Everything else – impressions, views, clicks, likes, shares, opt-ins – is just a means to that end. While an increasing number of prospects book their first appointment online, the vast majority still pick up the phone and call your practice. That first point of contact is the make-or-break moment for your marketing. Every new prospect that calls your office but isn’t appointed is a complete waste of your marketing investment. Let’s Give The Front Office Its Due Dentists hire front ...

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Did You Hear About Colin’s New Dental Marketing Book?

In 2017, Colin Receveur released a groundbreaking work about dental marketing in an uncertain age. The Four Horsemen of Dentistry: Survival Strategies for the Private Dental Practice Under Siege has proven to be enormously popular with dentists everywhere. The book identified four macroeconomic forces that pose a severe threat to unprepared dental practices: corporate dentistry, new dental school graduates, declining dental insurance reimbursements, and economic uncertainty. Moreover, The Four Horsemen of Dentistry provided a proven solution for dentists to meet those challenges and ...

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Dental Practice Success Is Within Your Front Office’s Grasp

Have you ever tried to hold a freshly-caught fish in your hands? It’s not easy. They’re wriggly, slippery things, and more often than not they escape from your grasp, at least temporarily. You might not know it, but your front office staff is almost certainly letting new patients slip through their grasp over the phone. Permanently. And every prospect who calls your practice but isn’t appointed is a waste of your marketing investment. SmartBox monitors and analyzes calls to our doctors’ offices on an ongoing basis. We were shocked to discover just how many calls during business ...

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