The Key to Maximizing Your Dental Marketing ROI

Dentists tend to market with a broad brush, so to speak. That’s understandable – the vast majority of people have teeth, and therefore need dental care at some point. But such a broad approach can waste a significant percentage of your marketing investment. Even though the U.S. economy is enjoying a much-deserved period of growth, many dental prospects can still only afford the basics of dental care. Many others want only the treatment that insurance will pay for. With the trend toward cost-shifting toward the patient that shows no sign of slowing down, even patients with dental ...

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What Does It Take to Get Better Dental Patients?

How’s your dental practice marketing working for you? If you’re like the great mass of dentists, you advertise low prices, insurance acceptance, and specials. You can keep a practice going with that approach, but you’ve probably discovered that it’s a lot of work. Marketing to prospects that are barely able to afford your services brings a stream of price-shoppers, insurance-driven patients, and one-and-dones. Since those patients typically have little or no loyalty to your practice, you’re constantly laying out cash every month for newspaper ads, radio spots, and/or postcard ...

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Let’s Cut Through the Dental Marketing “Smoke and Mirrors”

There are probably thousand of U.S. marketing firms offering services to dental practices. Some of those companies are good at what they do. Quite a few of them tend to specialize in one area marketing – search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content writing come to mind. Not to “diss” any particular company, but there’s no “magic marketing bullet” that will consistently get you the new patients you need. It’s like having one tool in your toolbox; it’s just not up to tackling all the jobs that need to be done. Today’s dental prospects overwhelmingly ...

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What’s In Your Dental Marketing?

You couldn’t operate your dental practice without having carefully designed processes and procedures in place. From dental insurance to billing to appointment-setting, your practice needs structure. The same holds true for the clinical side of your business. But have you ever given the same degree of thought and planning to your marketing? Probably not. The vast majority of dentists have no formal training in the principles and best practices of marketing. They tend to do what they’ve learned from other dentists, or what they see their competitors doing. In a way, that’s a shame, ...

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As A Manager, You Make a Good Dentist

Hey, remember that management class you had in dental school? Of course you don’t, because there wasn’t one. Now, maybe you have a business degree. If so, congratulations. By one dentist’s estimate, you’re saddled with nearly 30 non-clinical responsibilities as a manager. The amazing thing is that you still have a viable practice, given how much time you’re spending on managing non-clinical things. If you don’t have business training, you’re probably running as fast as you can just to stay in one place. That can mean long days, evenings, and even weekends. And time away ...

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Should Dentists Take Marketing Into Their Own Hands?

Since its inception, SmartBox Web Marketing has been dedicated to helping dentists – even if they never decide to work with us. We “give away the store” by sharing the underlying structure and all the moving parts and pieces of our industry-leading Patient Attraction System™. This blog is one example of how we share that information, but it’s by no means the only one. You have access to more than 1,000 episodes of our Patient Attraction Podcast™ on our website and YouTube page. We’ve covered virtually every aspect of taking a systems-based approach to attracting more and ...

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Does Offline Dental Marketing Still Work?

Before the internet became a simple fact of everyday life, dentists reached their prospects via newspaper ads, outdoor boards, the occasional TV or radio spot, and postcard campaigns. You might think that in this internet age “offline marketing” is no longer a viable way to attract new patients. You’d be wrong. It’s not an “either-or” question. It’s a question of what’s right for your practice and your market. Today’s Offline Media The sound-and-sight aspects of the internet can be very compelling for getting your marketing messages to your dental prospects. Your ...

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Is Your Dental Staff’s Communication Costing You Patients?

When we think about in-office communication, we usually consider what words we use and the tone of voice we employ. According to a number of experts in the field of communications, those are often the least important parts. Consider this scenario: a staff member says in an even tone, “I’m perfectly fine.” However, you notice that her fists are clenched tightly. Which part of her communication are you going to believe? Or, you’ve just given a staff person detailed instructions and asked him whether he understands. He says, “Yes, I’ve got it” and nods, but his brow ...

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