Google now controls 98% of the internet

Reports are out that Google now controls over 90% of all searches on the internet (..compared to Yahoo at 3.9%, Bing at 3.7%). Google now also controls 98% of all mobile searches (..on smart phones, Androids, Blackberry, etc). Nielsen reported way back in 2008 that 82% of people needing local services went online to search.  I can't wait to see their 2009/2010 stats.. What's this mean for you?  You do the math. ...

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Google Places & patient reviews update

As you're all too aware, getting reviews into Google have been difficult (to say the least). Going through Google's site directly it's practically impossible, and the alternatives like DemandForce often look more like a 3rd graders homework than a raving testimonial from a pleased patient. We're happy to announce we've "cracked the code" and will begin offering our clients review posting to their Places page. We have built a network of sites around the country to syndicate reviews to your Places page through, so that your reviews won't be flagged by Google as "not genuine." We can take ...

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Mobile Social Marketing: Reach Consumers on the Go

As the world's consumers turn to online sources for information, mobile browsers and applications are vastly increasing in overall consumer mindshare. In fact, recent studies suggest that mobile browsing is rapidly increasing year over year, with over a 50% increase in local search trends (link) . The study suggests that over 20 million unique consumers utilized mobile browsing to select a local vendor, and mobile social marketing campaigns to help you reach that growing audience. Whether consumers are utilizing an iPhone, an Android phone or a Windows Mobile platform, you can create mobile ...

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Mobile Search – Helping My Patients on the Go

The growth of the iPhone and Blackberry mobile browsing platforms has made implementing mobile-friendly browser features even more important in recent years. Studies have shown that a growing number of users search for web-based information from their smart phones, including information used to make local purchase decisions. Having an effective mobile presence can make the difference between earning a new customer and losing a client to a competitor. Today, you can implement mobile promotion campaigns with relative ease through search targeting and mobile optimized versions of your ...

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Social networking exploding into the mobile market

According to Forrester Research, the amount of people who are using their mobile phones to access social networks has doubled in the past six months.  Recent announcements have also showed the explosion of mobile social networking.  In September 2009, Facebook reported that it had surpassed the 65,000,000 mobile users' monthly mobile audience mark, which accounts for more than 20 percent of its 300 million global users.  Facebook has been able to continuously grow its mobile user base at an impressive rate. Mobile phones offer more than just access to social networking websites.  ...

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Special Report from SmartBox Web Marketing

Welcome to what could be the most advantageous adventure you will take this year in getting more patients to your office. I know that sounds like a bold statement but it is true. The report you are about to read is packed with information many brick and mortar businesses, including dentists, have yet to discover - but every word is true and every step is a game changer. This information will open your eyes as to the possibilities for practice growth and profitability simply by changing from "the ways things have always been done" to a progressive realization about how your practice needs to ...

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