Dentists Who Don’t Do Follow-up Right Lose Prospects

Barring dental emergencies, the decision to choose a dentist is rarely a snap decision. Google has noted that people consult an average of 10.4 online sources of information before making a buying decision. When it comes to selecting someone to solve their dental problems, it’s not surprising that most prospects are going to do considerably more research than that average before making a decision. If you’re going to get your share, and maybe more, of the prospects in your market, you have to remain in front of them until they’re ready to choose. People who visit your website once ...

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Dentists Who Publish a Book Stand Out

One of the biggest problems that dentists face today is the presumption of competence. That might sound like a nonsensical statement, but it’s true. Dentists are viewed as advanced-degreed professionals and, as such, they’re presumed to be competent. In the minds of your prospects, one dentist is a basically as good as another. That’s a problem when you’re trying to attract higher-value cases. The fact that you’re a dentist does nothing to differentiate you from any other dentist. You can’t count on completion of postgraduate training to help you stand out. The vast majority ...

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Dental Email Strategies That Work

Accordingly to Google, people consult an average of 10.4 online sources of information before making a decision to purchase goods or services. That’s a mixed blessing for dentists. It means that you have some time to convince prospects to choose you rather than a competitor. But it also means that you have to furnish the majority, if not all, of those sources of information. Keep What You Hook You website should contain a well thought-out free offer – a white paper, an article, or something else of value within the limits of your state’s regulations. Prospects supply their email ...

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You, Dental Author?

One of the realities in today’s crowded dental marketplace is that you have to differentiate yourself from your competition to succeed. An excellent way of setting yourself apart is by publishing a book. Before you stop reading this article, because there’s no way on earth that you’d have the time, let me reassure you that the entire process is a great deal easier than you might think. A well-written book with your name, picture, and bio on it is an excellent lure for new dental patients. It immediately establishes you as an expert and gives them a reason to trust and to choose ...

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Let Your Ego Go, Watch Your Ego Grow

Welcome to the final blog on how to get your ego out of your marketing. We’ve talked about listening more than you talk; trusting data, not your opinion, on what works; doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten; and providing quality content that potential patients want. Finally, after working so hard to take your ego out of your marketing, I want to give your ego a boost. I want you to know that potential patients want to hear from you. They are actively searching the Internet looking for information that you have. You are knowledgeable and helpful. ...

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How to Win Big With Your Content

I’ve been doing a series of blog posts based on a blog post titled “Is Your Ego Hijacking Your Content Marketing Strategy?” by one of the writers at Hubspot. So far we’ve tackled listening more than you talk; trusting data, not your opinion, on what works; and doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten. Today we’re going to look at the content in your content marketing. The Hubspot blog talked about writing content that goes beyond the sale to make a difference, and how that can resonate with the reader. This is why I always talk about ...

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All Aboard the Train to Profitability

Trains are incredible inventions. It’s amazing how this country is criss-crossed with parallel beams of steel so that these marvelous machines can haul all manner of goods from one place to another. They are incredibly efficient and could be considered the backbone of the good’s industry. Yet they are limited to going only where tracks take them. But in that way, trains’ greatest weakness is their greatest strength. Trains can only go in one direction, that is, wherever the tracks are headed. That’s bad if there are no tracks where the train needs to be. But that’s good, as ...

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Become One of the Rich Who Get Richer

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Today, I’m going to use a Biblical principle to help you get more and better patients. I’m going to tell you why handsome guys get beautiful girls, smart kids get all the attention and successful dentists get the best patients – in short, I’m going to explain why the rich get richer. Today I want to tell you about what sociologists call the Matthew Effect. Sociologist Robert K. Merton in 1968 originally was describing how the most famous researchers and scientists get credit when equally deserving but less well-known underlings actually do the ...

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3 Numbers That Will Lead to More and Better Patients

I recently saw three numbers related to sales, and it was very clear to me that they have implications for dentists as well, especially for complex and implant dentistry. They are: ● 70% of the buying process in a complex sale is already complete before a potential customer is ready to engage with a salesperson. So in the case of dentistry, a potential client is 70 percent sure whether he or she is going to see a dentist about his or her problem, whether that is missing teeth, trouble chewing, denture problems or whatever. It’s not just about whether that patient is going to see ...

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