Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. Click on the links below to read three examples of just how well SmartBox’s comprehensive dental marketing services have transformed these dentists’ practices.

Since 2000-2008 my practice was slowly growing. Unfortunately, when you looked at the total collections for the practice it had been at $2.1 million when I came, and slowly had dropped every year. ...
- Dr. Katie Post
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I was looking for a company that knew what high quality dental marketing was. Over years, I've dealt with probably 3 to 4 different companies before I moved to SmartBox. I visited with Colin and it ...
- Dr. Dick Davenport
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I did some other internet marketing with other people. As far as Google AdWords things and stuff like that. It got prohibitively expensive. It was kind of difficult. It was hard to monitor. I didn't ...
- Dr. Kevin McMahon
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Case Studies: Real Results From Real SmartBox Doctors

What’s YOUR Dental Marketing ROI?

SmartBox’s comprehensive dental marketing systems deliver outstanding results for our dentists, measured by the only metric that matters: better patients in chairs. We provide customized dental marketing carefully tailored to each practice’s market and demographics.

Real Dental Marketing ROI From SmartBox

Many SmartBox doctors enjoy returns on investment of 17:1 to 46:1. Put another way, those doctors are getting $17 to $46 for every $1 they invest in our industry-leading Patient Attraction System™.


If you’re ready to begin getting the only result that matters from your marketing - more and better patients in your chairs - get started today and schedule your Practice Discovery Session™. They’re free to serious dentists who want to see a Patient Attraction System™ that can double or even triple their practice.