Ways to Integrate Social Media Updates into Marketing Campaigns

The worlds of offline and online marketing are rapidly merging – whether you consider the shift of television from standard, closed broadcast models to open, user-contributed cable channels or the advent of blogs becoming more popular than mainstream newspapers, social media is a core part of every marketing channel today. Many business owners believe they are exempt from the influences of Twitter, Facebook and other social networks only to realize they have customers and potential clients actively seeking out service – Comcast found this out and immediately shifted an entire team dedicated to responding to customers over the service. Your individual business strategy for approaching social media might vary, but even if you focus on traditional drip marketing, there are several ways you can integrate social media into your campaigns.

Encourage Followers with Special Offers and Opt-Ins via Social Media

When you participate in standard drip marketing, the goal is to create a conversion funnel that encourages potential clients to become customers. While there are different ways to convert a new client, social media allows you to extend the conversion funnel by getting their attention in real time with offers, special updates and resources that integrate into their daily news feed. Rather than competing with competitors to get a consumer’s attention, you can form a personal connection with immediate responses, further encouraging brand loyalty.

Becoming a core part of the consumer’s thought process when it comes to purchasing can help you generate mindshare that ultimately transitions into sales. Whether you encourage your marketing list to become a fan on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or opt-in to your email list, you’re getting them one step closer to a conversion. Social media marketing is about creating connections that encourage trust and loyalty in business – once you make a social connection with a person on your marketing list, it’s much easier to gain and retain their business.

By using social media, you can create a bridge by which offline users can get closer to your business – a combination of video, social media updates and special offers can help encourage customers who prefer to deal with vendors they know. Many businesses hold contests and special offers through social media which keeps them connected with prospects and can even help to grow their drip marketing lists even further. By saving time and money over traditional marketing, once you generate social followers the marginal cost of posting an update is close to nothing.

Some of the very same principles from standard drip marketing, including segmentation, seasonality and customization apply just as well in the online world. Whether you’re posting updates via a social site or creating a custom landing page offer for your followers, always keep in mind your brand message and focus on meeting customer needs. We’ve worked with countless local businesses to effectively bridge their drip marketing campaigns in the online world through social networking, and your business could be sitting on a potential local goldmine without realizing it – so get started today!


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