Understanding the Geography of In-Bound calls

With traditional marketing campaigns, your media partner will allow you to cover an entire territory with placement, whether you’re investing in radio time, newspaper space, direct mail or flyers. We’ve worked with many business owners to help organize local campaigns that are designed to reach targeted customers in your local area. While it’s possible to identify a radius of customers in your geographical area by zip code, getting more precise data from your analytics can turn your campaigns from locally oriented to locally targeted.

Many business owners today know the “sweet spot” in their market which converts best according to demographics and spending patterns. Retail stores often choose locations based upon proximity to consumers based upon this data, and local service providers should use the same logic to understand the geographical reach of their drip marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking to better understand the returns from your local online marketing spend, or want to integrate more data from your offline campaigns, call tracking can help you precisely determine the origin of your in-bound calls.

Understanding Local Call Tracking Based Upon Location

Suppose you’re a local attorney in San Francisco, and begin a drip marketing campaign to generate new clients in the Bay Area. Since the terrain and neighborhoods are highly diverse you might find yourself generating inbound calls from areas ranging from San Jose to Berkeley. While you may be able to service clients in each of these areas, it’s likely you’ll find a higher conversion and retention rate based upon a sub-set of your leads – this is where call tracking can truly help you to determine which marketing channels are generating the highest quality leads.

Importantly, not all leads are created equal and understanding the quality distribution can provide further insights into targeting your drip marketing campaigns more precisely. A recent study by market research firm Kelsey group noted that less than 1 in 20 local businesses are properly using call tracking to determine the source of their in-bound leads, even though the implementation is cost effective and produces impressive ROI.

We can truly help local businesses not only implemented dynamic call tracking for their offline and online campaigns, but we shine by helping companies to leverage the data from the campaigns to help maximize the resulting ROI. There are multiple ways to implement call tracking on your website, including dedicated landing page phone numbers, dynamic number replacement and Click to Call analytics features.

The bottom line from the process is that call tracking can help you leverage location based data to more precisely target your marketing campaigns, whether you’re updating the settings of a PPC campaign or considering increasing a local media buy (whether it’s a directly mail or direct broadcasting solution.) Don’t sit idly by wondering which local channels and areas are really producing the best return on your marketing spend – we can work with you to help target your campaigns into areas that result in sales, scaling up your local marketing based upon results.


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