Tweets and blogs and status updates

We’ve all experienced the frustration of tweeting and blogging and posting status updates.

So much work, so little time.

So we thought, why not develop a super easy way to do all this, all from one central location: a “bridge” between your blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Here’s how it works.

When you make a new update or blog on your SmartBox website, automatically 15 unique tweets will be sent out every 6-9 hours for you.

Why do we do this?

Our research shows that 13-16 tweets per blog post is the optimal amount of exposure needed to make sure your Twitter followers are checking you out.

Twitter followers have a more severe case of D-ADHD (digital attention deficit disorder) than Facebook fans do, so they need more attention than just a single tweet provides.

How can I take advantage of this?

Sure there’s other ways to do it available out there.. twuffer, tweetdeck, etc. But the problem with those is that you have to use several different services and link them all together, creating a complex network with lots of failure points.

…which is exactly why we developed this for our clients – so they can manage EVERYTHING from a single page.

Want to see it in action?

We’ve been testing it on ourselves for the past couple weeks.  Just check out our Facebook or Twitter pages to see it in action.  Yeah, it looks just like a regular Facebook update or Tweet – that’s the point!

NONE of your marketing automation and automated follow-up should look “automated” — that would defeat the purpose!

If you were a patient, would you be impressed if you got a cookie-cutter, automated & generic marketing piece from a dentist in town, or would you be IMPRESSED if you got a unique, personalized, “looks like the Doc wrote that himself” letter?

How much of your time, and your staff’s resources does it take to stay on top of your follow-up and social media?

We can automate everything for you.

Henry Ford had some great ideas when it came to mass production, but in this new dental economy, you need to be reaching out and touching your prospects on a personal level.

A well known consumer reporting firm recently released a study that found that 80% of all sales are closed on the 6th to 12th “touch.” (I’ll be talking about this in depth in July on my blog, subscribe to get updates.)

Automating your follow-up and social media is in vain if your prospects know it is automated!  Your emails, postcards, letters, tweets, facebook updates, and blogs need to be UNIQUE and they need to be PERSONAL, otherwise they will get discarded with the rest of the junk mail.

This is THE secret to cultivating an online following & building a steady stream of new patients from the web.

Alright, enough of my banter for this email.  More to come later this week. 🙂


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