Smart Call Tracking: Using Phone Numbers to Track Advertising Effectiveness

One of the primary advantages of online marketing is the ability to track every single ad, media buy and landing page to determine the return on your campaign. Based upon this data, you can tweak your brand messaging, introduce new products and expand into new markets confident in your decision making.

Carrying this principle into traditional marketing, dynamic call tracking allows you to determine which ads are generating direct phone calls to your business to help you allocate both your offline and online spend properly.

Clicks to Calls: Getting the Phones Ringing

Smart sales professionals understand the importance of listening to your clients, and generating targeted phone calls is a cost effective way to help convert clicks into clients. Segmenting your advertising campaigns by region, offer and features with a unique phone number can help to determine which marketing messages are generating the best direct return. Many business owners spend aggressively on advertising only to wonder which mailers, websites and ad campaigns generate the most volume – smart call tracking helps you separate the gems from the duds so that you can scale the profitable parts of your marketing campaigns.

Unique phone numbers can be forwarded to your main business line, providing the customer with a seamless, high quality experience while giving you valuable data about the behavior of your customers. More importantly, understanding which particular ad campaign generated a phone call can help you customize the sales approach during the initial phone call so that you can effectively respond to the call, turning a click into a customer with relative ease.


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