Search engine optimization for Facebook

Imagine if you were a mortgage lender and could go back in time to 1999 and optimize your home page for the query “Low Finance Rate.” Would you do it?

Of course you would.

Well the same opportunity exists today with social networks. Let’s assume that the owner of Cathy’s Creative Mugs (a fictitious small business) wants to post a fan page on Facebook, essentially a company promotional flyer.

When prompted by the Facebook interface to name her fan page, she begins to type “Cathy’s Creative Mugs,” but then realizes she can probably leverage search engine optimization (SEO) best practices here.

So instead, she names this page “Coffee Mugs.”

… which is keyword rich for her industry. This will help return searches on “coffee mugs” within Facebook, as well as boost her rankings in the traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

In many of the social media pieces, the first few years will be a “land grab of opportunity.” Just like in the search world, if you were a savvy website back in the late 1990’s and ranked high for major keywords like “mortgage loans,” “cheap travel,” “wedding favors,” and the like, you made out like a bandit.

If you are one of the savvy first movers, in the first few years of social media you could set yourself up for some hefty revenue streams down the road. While as a company you can sit back and learn, you better not take too long to do it – you need to launch and learn.

Companies that still think they can control whether they “do” social media or not are terribly mistaken. You can rest assured that there are conversations, pages, and and applications constantly being posted around your brand even if you choose not to.


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