Refining Your Facebook Advertising Message

Log into your Facebook account and you’ll see a wealth of special offers targeted to you based upon your location, demographics, interests and other reported data. While you may only click on a small portion of these offers, reverse engineer your mindset – why does a particular offer interest you?

Facebook allows companies to target individual consumers according to a wealth of data, and you can split test different messages, landing pages and offers to determine the best click through and conversion rate. Rather than blindly testing a series of marketing offers, always think about the consumer mindset for beginning – you want to craft a drip marketing campaign message that matches the consumers mindset (keep in mind social networks are for personal life), location (think about seasonality and local factors) as well as offers that help them solve a potential problem (“how can this help me?”)

Finding the Right Message for Re-Targeting

Social networks such as Facebook allow you to build up a brand ecosystem by encouraging visitors to take a variety of actions from becoming a fan to opting-in to an email list to making a direct purchase. Always think about the right marketing message based upon the ideal campaign. When you first begin a Facebook advertising campaign, you’ll want to craft a variety of message and conversion outcomes to determine what works most effectively for your business. If you’re a local chiropractor offering physical therapy, your strategy should be much different than a local college seeking to collect leads from potential high school students – craft your re-targeting message according to your goals. Facebook can be a great addition to any traditional drip marketing campaign with its wealth of data.

In the case of a local service provider, you will want to offer an initial consultation or encourage users to learn more about your practice. Since the buying cycle is much longer for an offline purchase of a college signup, you’ll want to ensure all long-term lead generation strategies allow you to effectively build the right list for re-targeting. Social media is both a medium and a means for effective social marketing, allowing you to expand, refine and develop a drip marketing strategy. Each element of your campaign from the images you associate with your ads to the ad headlines and text should all be tested, as well as the demographic factors you list – a successful campaign will result in a positive ROI, maximizing your conversion rate relative to your audience.

You can also learn about effective social marketing by analyzing what your competitors are doing. While the transparency factor isn’t as great as it might be on traditional PPC campaigns, you can get a good idea of your competitors offers and landing pages if they have a Facebook fan page – see what type of special niche offers you can provide that separates you from your competition. In a competitive social world, companies who reach out, offer specials and generate positive brand buzz are much more likely to generate clicks that convert to leads and customers.


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