Phone Conversion Tracking Success Stories

For local firms that move quickly, phone conversion tracking can help them make real time audibles when it comes to the allocation, messaging and offers provided by marketing campaigns. In today’s highly competitive sales environment, vendors in nearly every industry are relying upon call tracking to determine the best sources for leads. If you watch a national ad campaign on television, chances are you’re seeing a unique phone number tailored to that campaign and when you visit the vendor’s website, you’ll likely see another unique number. Consumers want to reach out to companies in the quickest, most effective way possible and even web-based communication hasn’t replaced cell phones as the consumer’s preferred method of contact.

According to a recent study from the Pew Internet Foundation, over 85% of adults in the United States have access to a mobile phone for either personal or business use. Even as broadband adoption has increased, cell phone networks are everywhere – whether you’re looking to reach a consumer on their mobile phone or from their desk, having a direct line to your sales agents puts you one step closer to a conversion. We have worked with a large number of successful local businesses to structure phone conversion tracking as a core part of their campaigns – the result is better insight into their conversion funnels, and adjustments to their marketing campaigns to increase overall revenues. Analytics data from drip marketing campaigns can help you not only to attribute but to actively adapt to changing market conditions. To highlight these points, we wanted to share some success stories from national companies who had their call tracking case studies highlighted in the national media.

Success Stories from Phone Conversion Tracking

In one prominent national case study, a local restaurant wanted to better measure their lead generation from their marketing channels. Since the company integrated offline, online and social media spend, phone conversion tracking was the single best way to understand the ROI from their campaigns. Local restaurants base conversions upon reservations or direct orders, and many consumers prefer to place orders via phones. Even though large national restaurants such as Pizza Hut are making it easier to order online, studies show that a majority of local service appointments are still done through the phone. As a result, local service providers who integrate call tracking are better able to understand the return from their marketing spends.

The particular case study demonstrated that pay per click traffic generated a higher volume of calls than any other channel, although the particular data for your campaigns will vary depending on the market, product and landing page. By integrating call tracking, the company increased its online marketing spend, increased its drip marketing campaign in certain areas and re-organized its media buys based upon the higher volume of converting calls. Rather than collecting anecdotal conversion and original data from your customers, integrating complete phone tracking can help you to gain important insights into your customers at the source level. Whether you’re operating a food delivery service or a professional service firm, phone tracking can provide insights into your customer base.


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