Mr. X called me yesterday

3 years ago, I was approached by the owner of a small automotive repair shop.. we’ll call him Mr. X.   Long story short, we did a full custom web design, search engine optimization and social networking package for him.

After getting him to the #1 spot on Google in his hometown, Mr. X decided to try his luck and see how long he would “hold” that spot without continuing our SEO services.

Friday (2 years later) I got a call from him.  After reviewing his rankings, it turns out that after 2 years of doing NO SEO AT ALL, his website has only dropped from #1 to the #4 position on Google!

We put together a package to return him to the #1 spot, but that’s not why I’m sending you this email…

While checking out the results of his social networking package, I found he has over 2200 followers!  Those 2200 followers have another 269,000 friends of their own (about 120 friends per follower)!!

His secret?

He spent about 10 minutes per day uploading a few pictures from his cellphone of the cars he worked on that day and making a few (lighthearted) sarcastic comments about them.

His seemingly pointless posts are free advertising to thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands of people in his community.

If you think social networking is a spoof, think again.


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