Local Targeting via Social Networks

You can just imagine a classifieds posting for a potential customer: small business seeks active consumer 25-55, preferably household decision maker, disposable income, with own vehicle and willingness to buy. With social network targeting, you can bring this vision of ideal targeting into reality, even if the exact methods of marketing are a bit difference. In fact, social networks allow for local targeting that is quite similar to a personal matching process via social networking. Within social drip marketing, you can identify consumers based upon their local market, targeting them with special offers tailored to individual locations which you can track.

Today, follow-up marketing campaigns are about segmentation and customization – there is no single better way to customize a social offer than to target locally. The probability of a consumer responding to an offer which mentions their particular city is much greater than a general offer, no matter how great the price might be. Over 40% off all internet searches are related to a specific local area, and just as the search engines have learned to harvest this data, so can your company.

Marketing Specific Social Offers on a Geographic Basis

Consumers differ across markets – they go to different schools, experience different weather and root for different sports teams. While the broad segments of demographics may be similar, users have an affinity for their home town and you can greatly increase conversion rates by targeting them locally. On Twitter, you can create lists of individual followers according to home market or create multiple Twitter accounts for each major market you serve.

The beauty of social media is that you don’t necessarily have to have a physical market presence in a given city in order to do business there: through social media you can create a “virtual” presence in a regional city, generating a loyal following in advance of a broader expansion. There are no limits to the types of markets you can target, and with demographic data you can segment your potential lead base into cities and market types.

Social media sites often let you target advertisements to users based upon their reported location, meaning you can purchase clicks from consumers in a particular market or send out a sponsored message to those users. Either way, you can refine your drip marketing list based upon demographics to improve click-through and conversion rates with customized offers and landing pages. Armed with demographic data, the sky is the limit when it comes to customizing offers.

For example, suppose you are marketing a new gift product that your company makes and you notice the Green Bay Packers had a great game. Immediately, you can send out a message to those fans along the lines of “Great game Packers – celebrate with a new…” followed by a link to a custom landing page. The possibilities here are endless, since you can adjust to the news in real time. Traditional drip marketing is great because it allows you to stay in touch with consumers, but real time social marketing allows you to take this to the next level.


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