How Split Testing Can Help Improve your Conversion Rates

Imagine walking into a store to see overly attentive associates, a difficult to understand store layout and sales prices which are hard to find. Chances are you’re going to walk out of that store. Now imagine you walk a few stores down to find a friendly, easy to navigate store that greets you with a smile and helps you to find exactly what you’re looking for. There may be only a few key differences between those two stores, yet the changes made all of the difference when it came to your purchasing decision.

This same analogy applies to optimizing your website for conversion, since the placement and nature of various elements can determine how effective the conversion rate on a given site is. Rather than trying out different ideas in isolation, comprehensive split testing can determine the best layout, colors and elements to maximize your website conversion rate.

The Various Ways in Which You Can Optimize For Conversion Rates

Making a few adjustments in the layout and design of your website can result in wide differences in terms of the ultimate conversion rate. A small movement in the conversion rate on your landing or checkout page can make the difference between a profitable and a marginal campaign. When designing an experiment to split test your website, you’ll want to determine which elements might contribute to the resulting conversion on a page.

Start at the top of your page to identify elements to test including blocks of text, images, columns and button placement. Adjustment to these elements can help improve conversion rates by making it much easier for visitors to complete their conversion path. There are a variety of elements which are most important to split test in order to get the most effective movement in your conversion rate.

To start, always split-test your headlines and sub-headlines, as these text elements are designed to grab the attention of the visitor. A properly structured headline can result in much improved landing page performance, and can lower your bounce rate, encouraging visitors to read further. By opening with the most effective headline, you can maximize your chances of ultimately converting the visitor into an opt-in signup or purchase.

At the same time, the first paragraph text is also crucial since it provides a chance to compel your visitor to take action. By identifying a potential problem and offering a compelling solution, high quality text can result in a clear path to conversion for the visitor. Make sure you’re writing for your audience in a compelling way so that you begin to build a relationship with the user based upon credibility and a human element.

Once your text is optimized, always make sure to split test your sign-up form including the call to action buttons, form fields and placement of the opt-in. Giving users multiple choices including e-mail submits, direct purchases and follow-up forms can determine which action ultimately results in the most revenue for your company. A well designed experiment can vastly improve your return from a given landing page campaign.


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