How Auto-Responders Can Integrate into Online Marketing

After investing countless hours into your lead generation campaigns to begin capturing contact information, many companies wait too long before contacting their leads. Each minute you wait before contacting a prospective customer gives your competitors a chance to solidify a new client relationship, leaving your form information in the cold. We work with a wide variety of companies to help integrate auto response campaigns that immediately warm your leads, beginning a process of building trust and opening up the prospect for closure.

Customers use online information to help make informed decisions, and immediately reaching out to a prospect ensures they don’t have to continually search for further sources. Once you assure a customer you can provide a reliable solution to their problem, you’ll be able to help increase your conversion rate. While the process just begins with an auto responder, including this feature in your campaign can vastly increase your ability to close your leads at various stages.

Today, consumers have a vast resource of potential companies to work with, all just a single click away. With all of the hard work and time you put into generating targeted traffic to your site, it’s a smart investment to get the very best conversion rate possible – in order to accomplish that goal you must start by establishing trust with your users.

Establishing Trust with an Auto-Responder

When a consumer looks to buy a product or service they look for signs of trust. One of the single best ways to build up trust among your consumer base is to demonstrate your commitment to service. Think about the very best brands online today: from Zappos to eBay, these companies were built on a dedicated to customer service above all. While it will take some time to build your company up to this level, you can get started in growing your customer base by demonstrating you are committed to building long run relationships.

Customers can buy shoes anywhere so when they turn to Zappos they’re expected quick shipping, reliable customer service and a trusted service from beginning to end. With an auto responder you immediately reach out to the customer, providing them with your contact information, more background about your products and services, as well as a wide variety of potential up sells. An auto response mechanism is superior to an immediately phone call since consumers often have to warm to your brand and an auto responder can work 24×7, even when your sales force is sound asleep.

There’s no time to cause when it comes to online marketing: your consumers are actively looking for better, faster, more affordable products and solutions around the clock. Let your lead generation campaign work for you by integrating a professional, active auto responder which will help connect you with consumers in real time. Make the proper investment in turning leads into customers with a properly organized campaign from the segmentation of your lists, the right media buys and an effective auto response follow up to maximize your conversion rates.


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