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Our journey began with one call…

  • 1996

    Colin received the opportunity to build Dr. Rons first “Who’s Your Dentist” website HoosierDentist.com
  • 1999

    Colin began creating successful dental marketing systems for three of Dr. Ron’s colleagues & dental school friends
  • 2001

    A bigger picture presented itself, and Colin formed a team of marketing experts to begin SmartBox, LLC
  • Going Forward

    Powerful marketing systems, a team of experts, hundreds of resources, and a powerful dashboard to help you grow
  • award

    Inc.’s 500 Fastest-Growing Companies year after year, and for good reason.

A great team produces great results.

SmartBox dentists enjoy top results through the comprehensive dental marketing services we offer them. We’re interested in partnering with highly motivated dentists who are serious about doubling or even tripling their dental practice by attracting more and better patients.

  • As a dentist, you don’t want marketing or websites or SEO, You want more and better patients in your chair. We know how to dominate your market area to make that happen. To know SmartBox, you have to know our founder — the dynamo that powers this marketing machine. His story began at a young age — filing records at his father’s dental practice and coding their first website. Ask Colin.

    Colin Receveur

    Founder & CEO

  • My experience of working on both the client and marketing side allows me to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our teams and dentists. He oversees all aspects of digital marketing — whether you’re new to digital marketing or are a successful dentist looking to ratchet up patient attraction efforts, Trent has a detailed, personalized plan for your dental practice.

    Trent Arkema

    Vice President Marketing

  • The great part about my job is that I can connect a dentist with a marketing system that can literally quadruple their practice. I love turning struggling dentists into rockstars. You don’t become a fast-growing company without an Alex. After joining our team as a videographer, he has now taken the helm as vice president of demand generation — steering the company’s marketing vision and strategy.

    Alex Hall

    Vice President Demand Generation

  • I'm an evangelist for cleanly constructed, well-performing sites. Some consider me an optimization guru, as I understand what it takes for dentists to convert site visitors into patients. Behind each state-of-the-art client website is Tim, a web developer with over two decades of experience. He manages a talented team that works tirelessly producing each dentist’s personalized digital efforts.

    Tim Horst

    Vice President Technology

  • I look from side-to-side, which allows me to foresee issues and solve them before they are ever known. I strive every day to better myself, my clients, and my company. One of the company’s first client success managers, Stacey now oversees a team skilled in all aspects of digital marketing — streamlining services to SmartBox dentists, launching websites and digital marketing campaigns.

    Stacey Iseler

    Vice President Client Success

  • Many of the other managers and employees are also friends, not just colleagues. This closeness allows us to do whatever it takes collaboratively to improve our processes and products for our doctors. As the company’s first full-time employee, no one is more prepared than Matt to lead the day-to-day operations that will both give SmartBox dentists more and better patients and improve bottom line.

    Matt Tungate

    Vice President of Operations

  • Always look for ways to streamline. Inefficiency is the most expensive ‘expense’ that doesn’t make it into a financial report. She's a master of streamlining accounting systems and spent her career helping small businesses and startups thrive. Our team depends Julie’s expertise, pragmatism, conscientiousness, organizational skills, and anal-retentiveness (good for accounting).

    Julie Gable


  • My goal is to help keep our team on the cutting-edge — improving processes for dentists while developing a quality strategy, enjoyable experience, and a profitable outcome. Ed works with team leaders to improve processes, increase productivity, and facilitate employee growth. A California native with degrees in communications and advertising, and experience in both newspapers and marketing.

    Ed Post

    Senior Digital Project Manager

  • I enjoy legal work because it’s complex and challenging. In many ways it’s like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without having a picture of the puzzle. Gary helps our clients navigate the complex legal framework surrounding advertising and marketing regulations — joining SmartBox after a career as an advocacy journalist and legal analyst, spanning multiple continents.

    Gary Wilson

    Director of Practice Growth

  • We are setting up the back-end systems and figuring out new and exciting ways to save dentists time while helping them increase their profits by attracting a better pool of patients. Jama is a part of an automation team that builds marketing campaigns to help dentists attract the right patients. She sets up and deploys advanced email strategies while analyzing and tracking our dentists' results.

    Jama Bryan

    Automation Specialist

  • I believe my unique perspective enables me to provide strategic value to SmartBox campaigns in many stages of the process. There is a talented strategic planner and creative visionary behind every SmartBox dentist’s campaign. Amanda Dalton, our client success manager, draws from her experience in digital marketing, video, and print medium to help dentists bring in more and better patients.

    Amanda Dalton

    Client Success Manager

  • I love helping to deliver technology and marketing information to clients in a language they understand, and getting them comfortable with new concepts. Before SmartBox, Clinton worked for a biometrics startup, where he assisted small to medium-sized hospital-affiliated clinics. These experiences have helped him develop a more well-rounded view of what dentists expect out of their marketing.

    Clinton Kelley

    Client Success Manager

  • I have an understanding for the inner workings of every SmartBox team — helping me to help the client reach their goals. Dentists today need someone to carefully piece together their marketing efforts — Keri focuses on the big picture for dentists looking to draw in better patients and grow profits. Dentists take comfort in her guidance, stellar communication, and willingness to learn.

    Keri Langner

    Client Success Manager

  • I learned in my ‘former life’ how to zero in on the right things. What fascinates me are finding the right words, right mental images, to appeal and move audiences to take action. After 20 years of providing psychotherapy and chemical dependency services, Lawrence jumped ship and pursued his other passion: writing. Given his background, he brings a unique and valuable perspective to our clients.

    Lawrence Hyde

    Senior Marketing Writer

  • My reporting and writing experience allows me to write with clarity and precision — I love working and promoting a company that has helped take so many dentists from dark times to record profits. First a daily reporter, now a marketing strategist and writer — he’s our head of PR, working to spread our message of being the number one patient attraction provider for dentists in the country.

    Seth Grundhoefer

    Public Relations Manager

  • I’m extremely organized, intuitive and a great listener. I believe it takes much more effort to stay silent and pick up on small details that most people miss, than it does to talk over someone. Ashley has studied the psychology behind the decision-making process for years — that her advertising experience help her create sales campaigns that draw in new and current patients.

    Ashley Best

    Senior Practice Consultant

  • For the best ROI, importance of customization, consistency and follow-up matter. I look to share this knowledge in helping dental practices achieve goals and increase bottom line. Lora works to identify the best long-term marketing goals that attract better patients. Early in her career, Lora was a dental assistant, giving her great understanding of the challenges dental practices face.

    Lora Mindel

    Enterprise Growth Officer

  • I tend to be curious and energetic, and I like to find creative and imaginative solutions to any problem. With my experience and passion, I can help dentists dominate their market. A big-picture marketer who understands the nuances of an outstanding campaign. Sam’s market research and digital skills help to create personalized and profitable marketing campaigns for all of our dentists.

    Sam Smock

    Director of Paid Media

  • I bring my best effort to each project and constantly evaluate how to bring an even better effort next time. Working closely with others in my profession brings out my greatest potential. Whether looking through the lens or at an editing screen, Sean is dedicated to crafting digital stories that showcase our client's strengths — while staying engaging, informative, and focused.

    Sean Bailey

    Video Team Supervisor

  • My patience and determination shine in the workplace. I work hard but with little complaint, and I see things through until the end. Whether writing blogs or books, Rebekah packs some serious chops – she has an unmatched work ethic and dedication to her craft. It’s not surprising given that she graduated magna cum laude from IUS.

    Rebekah Carroll

    Content Team Supervisor

  • I am a creative thinker who can solve problems quickly and effectively. I help our doctors rank higher on local search, leading to more patients and more freedom. Nick combines research, creative briefing, and client goals to develop a digital strategy to increase dental traffic and profits — helping dentists rank in what has become a high-stakes, high-reward world of dental marketing.

    Nick Ford

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • I keep up with all of the digital marketing blogs and websites, so I will be able to help us keep up with the fast-paced world of digital marketing. A seasoned digital expert skilled at identifying what digital strategy a dentist needs to attract the right patients. He’s constantly researching new digital marketing methods and staying up to date with the latest trends — a true self-learner.

    Mark Turner

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • As a seasoned video producer, director and editor, I bring a strong emphasis on storytelling to video projects large and small. Who better to handle your video and editing than a seasoned pro? Ryan has spent more than a decade producing quality videos, motion graphics, and visual effects. His passion gives our clients phenomenal video that appeals to all practice patients.

    Ryan Rivard

    Digital Storytelling Expert

  • Spent the last two decades in digital publishing, so me and SEO have pretty much grown up together. I still enjoy trying to figure out what the heck Google really wants from sites. Her career includes stints in public relations, advertising and copywriting. Her favorite professional moment was “scooping” the Wall Street Journal with her story about the sale of E-Trade’s ATM network.

    Ann All

    Digital Content Expert

  • Jonathan Swift once said ‘Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others,’ and that’s how I’ve always felt the creative process is for me. A task-oriented, intrinsically motivated early riser who enjoys drawing up her to-do list for the day while the rest of the world sleeps. Now she uses her diverse skills and experiences as a creative writer for clients.

    Mary Beth Allen

    Digital Content Expert

  • My goal is to educate my readers. When someone reads my work, I want him or her to feel more knowledgeable, no matter the subject. He worked professionally as a journalist at newspapers in Iowa and Kentucky — he learned how to explain complex issues to the general public. Today, he uses his skills to help patients find a dentist who can provide the services they need.

    Stephen Lega

    Senior Marketing Writer

  • I have a diverse background in many fields and industries, specifically government, academia, health and medical, and publishing. Combining her education and editing experience, Christina Roth provides our clients with content that has both clarity and approachability — overseeing content creation for blogs, press releases, websites, and client eBooks.

    Christina Roth

    Digital Content Editor

  • As a multidisciplinary designer, I bring a variety of knowledge, experience, as well as creative and technical insight to every project. He's focused much of his career on helping small businesses through creative marketing campaigns. This gives him a unique perspective of SmartBox dentists, who juggle their clinical and business management duties.

    David Lange

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • I may not be directly one-on-one with the dentists, but I prefer to put my best foot forward each day, and I will give my 100% no matter the situation — consequently leading to client success. Lauren is part of SmartBox’s elite team that monitors dentists’ marketing campaigns and provides useful data about what patients are committing to treatment, where leads are going, and who is calling your office.

    Lauren Lloyd

    Call Quality Analyst

  • My love for web development, attention to detail, and 20+ years of experience in organizational leadership and project management ensure every dentist’s project is handled smoothly. Having an industry-leading Patient Attraction SystemTM means having an incredible project manager who can streamline. John is that person, leading cross-functional teams that include creative, video and technology through the project life cycle.

    John Hendrix

    Web Development Team Supervisor

  • I have a diverse experience and insatiable love for SEO as it’s now the best way companies can attract new businesses and increase their visibility. Joseph has spent nearly a decade deep in the world of digital marketing and search engine optimization, working with both family-run startups and Fortune 500 companies like Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Ford, Ashley Furniture, and ServiceMaster.

    Joseph Stewart

    Director of Organic Search

  • Something resonated in me as a child whenever I saw Snoopy typing out: “It was a dark and stormy night.” I wanted to be crouched over a typewriter, cranking out a great story — or become the next Evel Knievel. Through SmartBox, Clay feels that his previous career and life experiences are finally coming together — writing for SmartBox’s dentists and helping to build their practices.

    Clay Drysdale

    Digital Content Expert

Careers at SmartBox

We’re looking for a few good (dental) brains.

Zombie jokes aside, we’re always on the lookout for world-class talent. We’re a rapidly growing patient attraction services firm offering dentists the opportunity to get more and better patients. Our industry-leading Patient Attraction System™ requires a wide variety of different skill sets.

SmartBox has been named one of Inc.‘s Best Workplaces and a Best Place to Work by Louisville Business First. We offer a corporate culture, advancement opportunities, and a work-life balance that are second to none. You can also check out our company by visiting Glassdoor and Live In Lou.

  • Client Success Manager

    New Albany, IN

    SmartBox Web Marketing is looking for a Client Success Manager. If you are passionate about helping dentists attract more patients, more profits, and more freedom, then we may be looking for you. The client success manager has an important role as this person is responsible for maintaining a relationship between SmartBox Web Marketing and the practice. Read More
  • Graphic Web Designer/Artist

    New Albany, IN

    The Graphic Designer/Artist serves as the driving force in delivering high impact, lead generating Marketing material for SmartBox and our clients. This role is a direct liaison between Creative, Client, Marketing and Development Core competencies: An ability to bring together current technical expertise, stunning visuals and inspiring expression Read More
  • Digital Project Manager

    New Albany, IN

    Here at SmartBox Clients are the most important part of our business. As a Digital Project Manager you will support the Client Service Managers by leading cross-functional teams that include Creative, Video and Technology departments through the project life cycle. Read More
  • Digital Marketing Strategist

    At SmartBox, the Digital Marketing Strategist is central to helping our clients achieve their goals and grow their business. The Digital Marketing Strategist is part of team that helps deliver our digital strategy for SEO, Local SEO, Social Media and Review Management. Read More
  • Director of Paid Media

    Are you tired of working at the typical agency where you are over-worked and aren't valued as an individual? If so, maybe SmartBox should be your next employer. Smartbox is looking for a Director of Paid Media to join our team and help transform the way in which we buy and integrate Digital Paid Media for our practices. Read More
  • Digital Marketing Manager - Paid Media

    At SmartBox, the Digital Marketing Manager is central to our business development and the growth of our clients. They are part of a team that helps deliver our digital strategy for paid search and paid social. The manager builds campaigns and continuously optimizes their performance based on analytics, customer feedback and market dynamics. Read More

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