Have a Truly Happy New Year

Is there anyone who doesn’t look back at “the year that was” when New Year’s Eve rolls around? I certainly do, and I can tell you that SmartBox Web Marketing has enjoyed a phenomenal year. I’m very grateful for that. I’m grateful to everyone who has read this blog, watched our podcasts, or followed our newsletter (which, by the way, we’re evolving into a magazine). I’m grateful for the hard work of my staff, without whom none of this would be possible. We’ve added many new faces and talents in the last year, and that hiring curve looks like it will continue ...

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How Did Santa Treat You?

I hope that you and everyone in your family got what they wanted for Christmas. If your personal wish list included more and better patients, I suspect the Big Guy didn’t deliver for you. No need to hold a grudge; Santa’s got enough to handle. He pretty much leaves the dental practices to us. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that’s what SmartBox Web Marketing does – we help dental practices get more and better patients through our industry-leading patient attraction system. The result is that dentists get more patients, more profits ...

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Peace in Your Heart

Tomorrow is Christmas day. One thing I’ve noticed in the last few years is that it’s become ever more common for people to wish for peace on earth as their present. I’m plenty ambitious, but I’m not going to set my sights quite so high. Instead, I’m going to take this opportunity to wish peace for you, your family and friends, and for your staff. In particular, I wish for you the peace that comes from doing what you love; from providing well for your family and the staff that depends on you; and from knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of the patients ...

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Dental Blogs: 10 Things Patients Hate

To give you some pointers on how to write better blogs, let’s look to the folks at GrammarCheck published an infographic with 10 common blog-writing mistake, and it can certainly help dentists. One of the purposes of writing blogs is to build your credibility by establishing your expertise. If your blogs are filled with these 10 mistakes, they COST you credibility. Without further ado: Sentence fragments, run-ons and comma splices. Let’s not get too bogged down in any of these. Suffice it to say, make sure each sentence has a subject and a verb, and ...

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Keyword Rankings for Dentists: Meh.

Keyword rankings, search engine optimization and search engine results have gotten increasingly difficult to manipulate. This in large part due to Google’s efforts to discourage just such manipulation; the days of keyword packing, for instance, are long gone. If you’re interested in what’s changed about online search fairly recently, do a search for Google Panda. So if keyword rankings are now harder than ever to manipulate, what should you do to effectively market your practice online? You should focus on results. And results mean: Are you getting more new patients or ...

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Dentistry’s Black Friday: Offering Discounts and Deals

The Friday after Thanksgiving has come to be called “Black Friday” because of the deals and lines and crowds. You’ve undoubtedly seen the advertisements for super cheap this, deeply discounted that, and free whatevers and whathaveyous. Judging by the lines, and the parking lots, those tactics work, too. Really well. In fact, it’s reminiscent of an email another dental marketer sent out earlier this year. He told recipients that they could increase their patient base by simply adding the words “It’s Free” next to a consultation offer. He said it would even work if the offer ...

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What You Must Know about Call Tracking

You might remember that one of the four pillars of web marketing is tracking. Today, let’s look specifically at phone call tracking. First, what is call tracking? It’s basically a three-step process. Differentiate where your calls originate. Call tracking lets us assign a different number from various marketing channels so we know which ones are working. Your website should have a different phone number than a direct mail piece, for instance. You wouldn’t believe how many dentists have no idea where their new calls come from. Others are trying to find out manually, ...

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Remain Calm! 10 Tips for Successful Dentists

Research shows that we NEED stress to reach peak performance. In short, stress is good for our performance so long as it is not too severe and doesn’t go on too long. Research also shows that stress that goes on too long decreases your cognitive abilities. So those people who are able to control their stress levels are most likely to work at their peak performance. Here is a list from a cognitive researcher of the top 10 traits of successful people in dealing with stress. They appreciate what they have. Thinking about what you’re grateful for reduces cortisol output by 23 ...

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Retool Your Game Like Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is a legend in golf. He has seven majors wins, 62 PGA tour wins and is arguably the greatest golfer of all time. He certainly earned the nickname “The King.” But a young upstart helped Palmer refine his game at the age of 72. In case you’re wondering if this story is true, USA Today newspaper published it in 2002. Back in 2001, the 72-year-old Palmer was struggling with his game. What’s more, he had lost confidence and lost his love for the game. One day he overheard a 34-year-old golf pro at the Tradition Golf Club in California telling a friend of Palmer’s ...

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A Winning Strategy: Plan 1 Goal at a Time

Research suggests that if you plan on how you will accomplish a single goal, you are likely to achieve it. But if you simultaneously plan how you will achieve multiple goals, you are unlikely to achieve any of them. A blog post from Influence at Work, the company of SmartBox Web Marketing favorite Dr. Robert Cialdini, described research about how we can successfully plan to reach our goals – and how we can sabotage our own efforts. According to the research, people who create a plan to reach their goals are usually successful. But people who simultaneously create plans to reach ...

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