2014: Closing Thoughts on Dental Marketing

I find that the promise of a New Year brings to mind all that I’ve accomplished, and haven’t, in the current year. It’s been a year of whirlwind growth for SmartBox Web Marketing, and I’m both slightly exhausted and extremely gratified. More and more select dental practices are choosing to use our Patient Attraction System™ to attract more and better patients, increase their profitability, and free up their time to do what they love. And even though I am definitely feeling 2014, I’m blessed because I’m doing what I love. Some dentists don't realize that they are ...

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Best Holiday Wishes from All of Us at SmartBox

There are certain times of the year when I have to step out of my dental marketing expert “character,” so to speak, and focus on the things that help give meaning to our lives. This is one of those times. I and all of us at SmartBox Web Marketing wish you and yours the very best of the holiday season – the love of family, the closeness of friends, and the joy that comes from being together. May Santa bring all of you more patients, more profits, and more freedom. And I thank you for following this blog and allowing us, in a way, to be a part of your lives. I’ll have a New ...

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How to Feel Good About “Selling” Dental Procedures

To many of you, the idea that you are a salesman is probably an icky thought. You’re a healthcare provider; you don’t sell. You inform people of their options, and then they decide what to do. If that’s how you think, your business probably isn’t maximizing its potential. Of course you are a healthcare provider. Of course your core mission and business is giving people great dental health and a beautiful smile. But you are also in the sales business. It is your job to sell people on doing whatever it takes to maximize their dental health and get the most beautiful smile. You, ...

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Great Cases, Great Mood!

My dad is a dentist, and I grew up around dentistry my whole life. But my life’s work is web-based marketing. I read about it. I study it. I go to conventions and seminars. I pretty much LIVE dental marketing. Most of you can relate to that. You put in a lot of time, energy and money going to dental school. You made a lot of sacrifices while you were there. Then you got out on your own, and you put a lot of time, energy and money into starting your practice, whether on your own or with one or more partners. You’ve made a lot of sacrifices. But if you’re like me, you’re ...

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Are You Lost Online? Effective SEO Can Change That!

One of, if not THE, most important things in your web marketing efforts is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Here is why SEO is so important. Most of the patients YOU want to attract are searching online for whatever dental problem they are having; research shows that 93 percent of consumers begin with a search engine. Most are going to use Google; 70 percent of people worldwide use Google. And 75 percent will never look past the first page of a Google search. So how do you dominate that first page of a Google search? Keywords that link back to your website are what move your name ...

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Social Media: Who Are You Marketing To?

I recently read a blog with five tips on how to be successful with LinkedIn, the largest professional networking site in the world. Normally I don’t do blog articles to disagree with things I read online. I generally only talk about things I DO agree with and translate how they apply to dentistry. But I am concerned that dentists will see articles like the one I read and then be hoodwinked when other marketing companies tout how they can use social media to attract new patients. I will say again: you don’t find new patients on social media. So let’s look at these five tips about ...

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Stop Chasing Dental Prospects: Attract Them Instead!

The problem with chasing is that someone has to be trying to get away. Is that really what you want to spend your time, energy and money doing: chasing after prospects who are not trying to be caught? If you are not marketing to a target audience, this is exactly what you are doing. What you want to do is be in position to catch the prospects who want to be caught. Here are three ways to start attracting the dental patients YOU want instead of chasing them: Ask yourself what are the two or three key things that make you stand out? Start with what I wrote about in the previous ...

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The Single Biggest Difference Between You and Multimillionaire Dentists

If you haven’t heard of Dr. David Moffet, you really should learn more about him. I think he’s a good example that many dentists could follow. Dr. Moffet started a practice making $120K per year in a low-income suburb of Sydney, Australia, and grew it into a $3 million annual business. In fact, he sold his practice and now makes his living marketing a practice-enhancement plan. That’s a 2500 percent increase in collections, and I’m sure that qualifies as a success in just about everybody’s minds. I think a lot of what he says makes sense. I’m not here to shill for his ...

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A Panda Can Be Your Friend (If You Feed It Right)

When you hear the word Panda, most of you think about the lovable, black and white bear from China that eats bamboo. And eats bamboo, and eats bamboo. As cute as pandas are, they probably won’t do much to boost your dental practice’s marketing. A different kind of Panda, though, could significantly boost your business. Achieving top-of-the-page results in Google searches is the goal of all web marketing. Seventy percent of all searches are done on Google, and 75 percent of people never look past page 1 in a search. So, when Google talks about changes to its search algorithms, ...

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Dental Video Testimonials: Benefit from Their Tremendous Impact

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? Try 1.8 million words per minute, according to Forrester research. That’s a staggering idea; could video really be that impactful compared to text? The short answer is, “Yes.” And that has profound implications for marketing your dental practice. In fact, I believe video is the single biggest difference between dentists who get patients and dentists who get the patients they want. I cannot overstate how important video is when reaching out to potential patients. Patients can hear your voice, see your personality ...

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